Michael Kors Hamilton - Issue with Sagging

  1. So the satchels (E/W) won't sag as much?

    Does anyone know if they make the black with gold hardware satchel in saffiano?
  2. Nope the EW satchels stay nice and firm with absolutely no sagging. :smile:
  3. I was worried because on Macy's someone wrote

    "There is only one major negative, but it is enough to ruin what appeared to be the perfect bag. This bag does not hold its shape well and seems to collapse in one corner, no matter how things are arranged inside or how you carry it. The shape of the bag is just not well supported, which makes it look cheap and is very disappointing from the usual quality of Michael Kors bags. I would return it if I could."

    If I get the small Hamilton I think I might put in a purse organiser just to be safe!
  4. They only have the large black tote with gold hardware in saffiano as far as I know, which is a bit of a disappointment since I want the saffiano leather, but with silver hardware. I'm really big on the silver just because it has been seen on models like Karmen Pedaru and Constance Jablonski. I'm going to try and buy a silver lock and put it on the Saffiano leather one. Then not only will I have an original bag, but it will look like Karmen Pedaru's with better leather. If they do come out with a black saffiano with silver hardware though, I will scream like a banshee in a fit of rage. :p
  5. I think this Hamilton is meant to look this way. I've seen many photos of celebrities carrying the tote and this is exactly what theirs look like. To me, I think it has something to do with where the handles are attached to the bag. The outlet version is structured a bit differently, maybe you'd be happier with that one. The saffiano leather version is also stiffer and more structured- looking. The posters who recommended the Pursefection Purse Organizer offered a good solution, too. I have this and use it in purses where I want a bit more support or when I'm changing bags frequently. I think your bag is gorgeous, though! I hope you end up just enjoying it!