Michael Kors Hamilton - Issue with Sagging

  1. Hi ladies,

    Firstly, I am SO glad to finally see a sub-forum for MK!

    I bought a Vanilla Hamilton earlier this summer from Nordstrom in San Jose. I reside in Canada, but bought the bag over the phone and had them hold it for me until my husband could visit for work and pick it up for me.

    Unfortunately, the bag hasn't held up too well. It sags. A LOT. More so than what I've seen on other Hamiltons. I am wondering if it is something to do with the making of my bag in particular, or perhaps more of an incorrect storage issue? Any suggestions on what I can do to not have the bag sag as much?

    Attached two pictures, so you can see what I'm talking about.

    Thank you! ;)
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  2. hi OKcomputer, i think the sagging adds to the attractiveness of the bag. I also just got one in ocean blue and it also sags, the leather is soft and i don't think it is designed to stay stiff. Enjoy your new bag, it's gorgeous!
  3. It does look a bit too saggy, and I think the Hamilton should retain it's shape for the most part. Just wondering - that is the large one right? Are you carrying a lot in it and/or is whatever you are carrying just sitting in the bottom and very heavy? When it's emply does it also sag that way?

    I agree though - a bit too saggy for what I consider to be a more structured bag - but I do worry that perhaps the larger one has more of a tendency to do this than the medium size.

  4. I've had my black Hamilton for almost 10 months now and I get compliments on it every time I use it. Everyone comments about how much they love the way its slouchy and I have to say, it really is getting prettier and prettier each time I use it. The leather is awesome!
  5. I think it's in the nature of the bag to be a saggy cuz it's top heavy.
  6. I have the medium size and its completely retained it's shape, no slouch at all. I don't carry a lot though, I'm a lightweight. What drew me to this bag was it's structure, it has such clean lines, I still think it looks better with some structure. JMHO though.
  7. I love the Hamilton in the ocean blue! Enjoy your new bag!

    Would it be possible to share pictures of how your bag sags? I've seen a few people carrying the Hamilton around here and I don't see them sagging as much as mine does. I do like the soft smooshy leather, but I also like having a bit of structure to the bag.
  8. True, I've noticed the mediums don't sag as much. I have the large version, and it's getting saggier with every use. I haven't used it all that much and I don't carry too much in it either. Although, I have on occasion slipped in a small bottle of water or a book, if I'm taking it to my Dr.'s appointment or on the train to work.

    It sags when it's empty as well. I wonder if I should store it stuffed with paper?
  9. Starsnhevn, would it be possible to post a picture of your Hamilton? Does it slouch as much as mine?
  10. Exactly. The top is REALLY heavy, but I also wonder if my handles are not placed correctly?
  11. Definitely looks better, in my opinion, with some structure. This sagging has deterred me from purchasing any more Hamiltons. Prada has a similar smaller, but more blah (classic?) version of this bag, and I'm probably going to get that one next instead.

    Hrmph. I really loved this bag when I bought it. Not so much anymore.
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    I own the purple leather Hamilton in the Medium. Mine only sags a little, not much.
    OKComputer I have a suggestion for you. In my Hamilton I have a Pursefection Purse Organizer. This adds some structure to the hamilton and my Coach Sabriana Bags. I would recommend you getting one and try it out. It makes it easier to change your bags from time to time. I have found that its a wonderful purse organizwer really helps soft leather bags and totes give some structure to the soft leather bags. I think that is why mine looks more structured.

    BTW, I got mine from QVC. It is a wonderful purse organizer and I can't live without it.
  13. I was at MK yesterday looking at the Hamilton's (again!) and talking with the SA and she said the large Hamiltons are supposed to sag (just like yours). She brought her black leather hamilton out to show me and it looks just like yours. I think they look really nice with the sag (and I usually like structured bags). The medium hamiltons don't sag as much. She also said the Quited Hamiltons are meant to sag also. I find the quited to be much more structured than the leather so I'm not convinced they will sag as much. I say, enjoy your bag and love the sag! It's beautiful!
  14. Definitely try a purse organizer for added structure. The sagginess would bother me too, I have the meduim and it has no slouch at all whcih I prefer. Let us know what you decide and how it works out!
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    My large sags as well - it's the nature of the soft leather