Mezzo or Piano?

  1. Does anyone have any opinions on this one? Or maybe have pictures of them side by side or just some pictures of people carrying them. I just keep thinking to myself that the piano is a little too small for me.
  2. Here's a pic of Jolie with a piano and a mezzo.

    The piano is a good tote for when you're out shopping and stuff but it won't be a work tote that carries folders/notebooks/portfolios/etc.
  3. Mello love those Angie pics! Thanks for posting them. Shows the diff in size very well. The Cabas is much bigger on me as I'm so much shorter than Angie :+) I would drown in the Mezzo tote lol.
  4. oh god i just can't decide
  5. LOL! You sound like me - I can't make decisions either. Back and forth all the time :sad:
  6. i have a speedy 30 and i would just like a shoulder bag for work/every day. one looks too big, one looks too small, and i want both.
  7. ooh, those are such great pics of Angelina! She wears the mezzo and piano so well! ::sigh:: wouldn't be great if we could have both bags instead of having to decided between two...
  8. When does angie look bad lol? I had never seen those great pics that Mello posted though I can add another of her w/the Cabas Piano --> she was the reason why I wanted it :shame:

  9. I love the mezzo. If you think you need the space, go with a mezzo.
  10. Hi Kahk3000, I was also considering the Piano vs Mezzo a while ago. I'm 5'1 and the Piano was perfect on me.. Mezzo is far far too big. Just for yr reference.
  11. I like them both. :biggrin:
  12. I LOVE giant bags! I own Alto (the largest of them all) and still find that there isn't enough space!!!:lol: Go with Mezzo!
  13. I like the mezzo as well!
  14. I am 5'10 and have the is great but not big enough sometimes. I just got the Batignolles Horizontal and now I use both for different reasons.

  15. i love the piano! but it really depends on how much you carry in your purse.. the mezzo would definetely carry a ton