Mezzo or Piano?


Feb 22, 2006
Does anyone have any opinions on this one? Or maybe have pictures of them side by side or just some pictures of people carrying them. I just keep thinking to myself that the piano is a little too small for me.
Here's a pic of Jolie with a piano and a mezzo.

The piano is a good tote for when you're out shopping and stuff but it won't be a work tote that carries folders/notebooks/portfolios/etc.
Mello love those Angie pics! Thanks for posting them. Shows the diff in size very well. The Cabas is much bigger on me as I'm so much shorter than Angie :+) I would drown in the Mezzo tote lol.
ooh, those are such great pics of Angelina! She wears the mezzo and piano so well! ::sigh:: wouldn't be great if we could have both bags instead of having to decided between two...
When does angie look bad lol? I had never seen those great pics that Mello posted though I can add another of her w/the Cabas Piano --> she was the reason why I wanted it :shame: