Mew bags from beverly hills mm!!

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  1. Just received these pics and prices from Renato Beverly Hills MM. If interested, call him at (310)247-2227. If you are overseas, you can contact him via e-mail at Please let him know that Sharon from tPF referred you!!

    Zafirro Patchwork $1795

    Nero Patchwork $1795

    Close up of crystals on Patchwork bags

    nocciolo, corallo, bruciato metallasse $1250

    more to come...............
  2. nocciolo, nero coffer $1520

    nocciolo bauletto $1495
  3. Thanks Miu2... I am drooling over here!!! :drool:
  4. Thanks Miu2!! Lovely bags!!!
  5. OMG Love the new bags!!!Zafirro patchwork :drool:
    Thanks for sharing!
  6. Has the coffer price increased lately?

    Is nero coffer black or dark blue?
  7. *gasps* the zafirro patchwork is just amazing.

    Glad to see the classic black coffer is still going strong! I'm hoping 2009 is the year :biggrin:

    The nocciolo coffer has a beautiful sheen to it too-it's nappa leather not the patent-type, correct? It's hard to tell with the metallic finish.
  8. always look forward to your postings on new bags in store. such a treat to the eyes!
  9. Thanks for sharing - great pics again.
  10. Thanks Miu2...I really like the first one :tup:...although the rest are not my colors...:sad:
  11. thanks for the posts miu2!!!!! They are all so pretty, especially that black coffer!
  12. how come I can't see any of the pics??
  13. Yup, coffer price has gone up.

    It's black.
  14. I am absolutely in love with these new Patchwork bags as well!! Just soooo stunning!! :love:

    I believe that the coffers are in the wonderful lambskin again!!
  15. great pics, thanks for sharing!