Metallic or white caviar jumbo?

  1. Sorry, sorry, it's another "which bag" thread!

    Well, I've been hunkering after a white jumbo classic flap in caviar ever since I got the black version. I'm really looking for another stayer that I'll have for years and can wear with anything. So I figured a black and white would be quite practical.

    But then I keep hearing things about white bags yellowing, which freaks my out. And then, I saw the dark silver reissue! I'm thinking, surely pewter is a fairly long-lasting colour right? But then I have flashbacks to my mum carrying pewter bags and wearing pewter heels in the 80's and I don't think anyone should ever go there again!

    What do you stylish gals think? Do you think the pewter reissue is just as classic as the white caviar? And do you think it really is a risk with white caviar that it might turn yellow in time?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. Not much help other than to say I had a white caviar jumbo, which fortunately or not came to me damaged. It looked like a billboard (huge) and I'm 5'9". I exchanged it for a medium. Jumbos in darker colors don't look as big as the white. As for metallic, I have a dark silver winging it's way to me in a 226. I've only seen a 224 so I have no clue whether I'm going to think the metallic is too flashy. Time will tell but I'll add that metallics reappear as do long hemlines, short hemlines, platforms, etc.
  3. I love the Dark Silver Reissue. Not a big fan of White bags, maybe an aged or distressed White I would love.....
  4. As for color I love both the silver and white. But if your looking for something that will last a life time I think you should go with the white. And I'm sure with the proper care it will last a life time.
  5. My vote is for the white Jumbo Caviar flap.

    I have a black Jumbo Caviar flap and a very pale blue, almost white Medallion Caviar tote. I have never had a problem with fading and/or yellowing. (using proper care ie: no direct sunlight, dustbag etc.)

    It sounds like you want to stick with Classics... and while stunning, the Dark Silver Reissue seems IMO to be "for the moment". Have you ever considered Beige tones?

    Congrats no matter what you decide on.
  6. Oooh that's hard b-cuz i have both.

    I have not had any problems at all w/ my white jumbo yellowing. And there are ladies on the forum that have had theirs much longer than me and i havent heard anything from them either.

    I also have the dark silver....but i have not used that one yet.....but its so pretty!!

    I probably didnt help. Ok---maybe the white caviar. Only because its timeless and can stand the test of time. You KNOW that you could pull it out in 10 years and it won't be dated......not so sure about the metallic......its kinda trendy right now
  7. I'd get the white. You are all set with one black and one white in my opinion...:smile:
  8. I have both off-white (in lambskin tho') & light silver metallic. I would suggest you to get a white caviar for more low-key, elegant look. But if you would want an edgy, funky look, go for metallic.
  9. :yes:
    I second that besides only white patent bags are getting yellow by time!:smile:
  10. I'd get the dark silver reissue now, and you can always get the white jumbo down the road.
  11. Dark silver reissue!
  12. I was halfway down the responses and had decided that white caviar is the way to go....But then I read the rest and I swayed the other way! I'm hopeless. I'm trying to liven up my way of dressing a little because I can stick so much to "classic" that I just end up being "boring". So maybe silver is the way to go. But I do want something that is going to remain a classic. Oh dear, I better hope for a large tax refund so I can get both! :graucho:

    4Kings, I do love the beige, but I'm a fair-skinned redhead. If I come within 30 metres of anything beige I immediately look washed out. Such a shame, because I love this colour.
  13. Here's another thought. White is always going to be available. It's like black, a basic color (albeit it will be at a higher price obviously). Dark silver -- I suspect that this is the last offering for quite some time. I don't know that just because metallic isn't the "IN" color that I wouldn't carry it a year from now or three years from now. If it works with the outfit nicely, then why leave it in the closet?
  14. Hmm, tough call. :smile: I have and love my 226 dark silver reissue, and I also love Jumbo’s, because IMO they are as practical as they are beautiful! However, I don’t love the Jumbo in the pure white caviar (on me anyway... it looks great on others), but I did see a gorgeous Jumbo in the off white soft caviar w/ the MM lock and chains at my NM that I really loved!! I actually have the same bag in the medium size (, and it’s just gorgeous!! If I didn’t have it in the medium, and was looking for a white, but not pure white Jumbo, that’s the style I’d get. :smile: I don't view the dark silver reissue as 80's either (haha, I was born in the early 80's), because it's all in how you wear it... the color has so much depth and complexity that it can be worn with a lot, and enjoyed for many, many years. Either way, dark silver reissue or white Jumbo, you’ll end up with a gorgeous Chanel! :heart: Good luck deciding! :tup:
  15. White