Metallic Diorama and LD Owners - HELP

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  1. I have my sights set on purchasing a silver metallic Diorama however I have read reviews of people experiencing quality issues such as peeling. There are also those that have not had any issues.

    I haven't been able to find too much information on this and would love to hear from all those who own the metallic diorama or LD and provide me with some of your experiences with the bag.

    If you could kindly also tell me how long you've owned the bag and whether you baby your bags. This would be the most helpful. I'm also curious to know if colour transfer is an issue.

  2. i wouldnt. ive read a lot of complaints on here and i think its stupid to buy something you know will easily wear out for that price.
    maybe there are those that have no issues but the fact is lambskin lady dior is known to look new 10 yrs later without babying but with reasonable care.
    there are complaints about this bag material within months of buying and it has not even been available for more than six months or so, so even those who have no problems may have soon and dior cannot repair this material.

    obviously its up to you, but i wouldnt given what i have been reading about them. even if some ppls havent died yet, seems a significant proportion of them are dying quickly and easily.
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  3. I have a Lady Dior in silver metalic and a diorama in gold. I have just sent the lady back for a repair because the leather on the handles started peeling off. I guess it happened because of two handles rubbing together as i didn't see any other damage elsewhere. i got the bag more than a year ago and didn't baby it too much coz i got the impression it was less fragile than my regular Lady Diors. I bought the diorama in November last year and didn't have any quality issues so far. I talked to my SA and she said they didn't get any complaints about these particular styles.
  4. Thanks for the info! So they are able to fix the handles? From reading what others have said I thought it wasn't fixable?

    As for the diorama do you use it often? My SA also said he hasn't heard any issues.
  5. I guess Dior will just entirely replace the handles on my bag. This bag is still available so there shouldn't be any problems with the spare parts.
    I use my diorama pretty often and even take it with me on my travels. The material is pretty sturdy so i don't need to worry about it getting wet or scratched. You just need to be extra careful about the corners. Mine fell on the floor and the corner is lightly scuffed.
  6. Thanks Hun. That sounds encouraging. Any colour transfer issues or concerns?

    Oh I'm glad they will replace the handles. I was thinking maybe you can put some twillies on them to help prevent it from happening again?
  7. I have a medium silver Diorama. I don't baby it at all and use it quite often. It's in perfect condition, with no peeling, colour transfer or anything. I haven't experienced any of the issues others have reported... :smile: It's one of my favourite bags and I would definitely buy it again
  8. Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm happy to hear more people are loving it then having issues
  9. Ooh this is a good thread. Thanks to the OP for starting. I've been loooong at the Lady Dior Micro Cannage and have hesitated because of worries on wear. So I would love to head input on this as well.
  10. Spark,

    I think it's a safe bet to go head and get. read the other threads and it's the LD more so with the peeling issues because of handles rubbing. You take excellent care of your bags so it won't be issue
  11. Considering the metallic diorama...anyone have any update on how theirs is wearing? Thank your u!&
  12. Mines fine, not experienced any issues. I live in England so not a particularly hot country if that makes an difference to whether or not the bag peels.
  13. I've had a mini champagne gold microcannage diorama since 2015 I wanna say, and no peeling so far...I don't baby it, and I find the microcannage to be quite scratch resistant. I think if there were to be any peeling it would have to be at the edges where you'd expect corner wear, or maybe the stitching might cause something to start peeling. But I've had no issues so far. I do own many bags, so it's not in high rotation, but as I said, when I do wear it, I don't baby it.

    In fact, I love it so much, I want it in a couple other colors. Main reason I came across this thread today haha
    Love the metallic blue and pink from the 2015 collection. I wouldn't mind the silver one either.
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