Metallic Black Reissue w/GH vs Jumbo Caviar Flap...which one to choose?

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Which one should I choose?

  1. S/S 08 Metallic Black Reissue w/GH

  2. Jumbo Caviar Flap w/GH

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  1. Okay, if you had to choose between the S/S 08 metallic black reissue with gold hardware and the jumbo flap in black caviar with gold hardware, which would you choose?

    This decision has been torturing me for over a! :shame: (stole the pics from somewhere..)

  2. i voted for the black metallic w/gold hardware. :smile:
  3. i m in love with the reissues!

    its edgier!
  4. The black reissue.
  5. black reissue.
  6. reissue! :yes:
  7. black metallic reissue,
  8. I prefer the Jumbo because I don't think the metallic black is as nice as the lovely lambskin, but I guess the reissue looks funkier... All depends on what you want to wear it with and where you want to wear it to, I suppose?
  9. Nope for metallic reissue as Jumbo Caviar flap is more practical and is a classic style which u never goes wrong.

    Vote for the Jumbo Caviar flap all the way~~
  10. Jumbo Caviar Flap - classic
  11. Black Reissue.
  12. ^Ditto! :yes:
  13. if the reissue were matt leather, i'd vote for it
  14. This is a toughie! It depends what look you are going for. Totally classic or classic w/an edge...I can't even vote because I am torn between the two!
  15. I like the caviar jumbo!