Metallic black 2.55 Reissue...YaY or NaY???

  1. Hi all,

    After seeing everyone's Metallic black reissue, I just can't stop thinking about it. I want the 226 size. I don't have any reissues, so this one would be my first.

    Would you recommend it? Is the leather resistant to scratches, compared to lambskin? Also, how do you take care of it? I am so used to my caviar flaps. Do you have to spray protectant on it and avoid the rain?

    I haven't seen them in ANY stores near me, so I think they're pretty much gone :wtf: Please correct me if i'm wrong. THANKS!!! :heart:
  2. suggestions anyone? i'd really appreciate it!
  3. They are still out there! I passed on it the first time but now have found another! It is just too gorgeous to let go twice. I say go for it especially since you don't own any reissues. I have one and the leather seems to be holding up pretty well! I just adore them! :love:
  4. A definite YAY! I have one in it over a month ago and I absolutely love it! :love: I ended up getting a 226 in dark silver too which I love equally, but I tend to use the black one more for everyday use because its slightly bigger and goes with anything! The leather looks like its holding up really well so far. Although its a soft leather to begin with and softens up slightly more as you use it, it doesn't show scratches easily because of the metallic/distressed effect of it. I think it's a great investment that will stand the test of time in terms of both style and quality!
  5. I have the 227 and agree with everthing Dragon Girl said in her post.
  6. ^^ITA w/both posts above! I have this in the 226 size and absolutely love it! Get one!
  7. if you don't already have a reissue, i would get it. i returned my DS b/c there were other bags that I loved more, but over all i do love all of the metallic reissues from this fall.
  8. YAY for me. =)
  9. Yay, for the metallic flap. I used it yesterday and found it much easier to look after than a lambskin flap. The leather doesn't scratch easily.
  10. I say it's a DEFINITE YAY!!!:tup: I have the 227 and :heart: it!:yes:
  11. THe black metallic is a great bag. But you should know IRL it doesn't stand out as much as the other metallic DS and light silver, meaning its not as "noticeable/bright" So if you want a more muted subtle metallic reissue, the black is perfect.

    But if you think you want a brighter, bag that stand out more, you may want to try to locate a DS or light silver.
  12. I saw the color IRL last night at Saks NY and a big YAY ! Its a gorgeous color. It photographs as beautifully as it looks in person.
  13. :tup: YAY from me!! It looks more subtle than other metallic colors because the chain is muted, but so beautiful nonetheless.
  14. Agree... I have the 227, have been using it everyday for work... if you are a flap person, you should own a reissue, you won't regret it.

  15. A huge "yay" from me! :smile: I absolutely love reissues (I have the light silver 225, dark silver 226, and metallic black 226)! The metallic black reissue is just stunning, and works so well in transitioning from day to night!