Metalika's scored!

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  1. I was a bit mopey because I missed out on getting some lovely CL's and a pair of Manolo's during the pre-sale at NM. I have kept checking back on Saks and NM because I know sometimes sale shoes reappear. They did this am and have been ordered. I had a code to get 10% off for signing up for Sak's e-mail so more the better. They caught my eye when they first came out, but I could not swing it. I hope they are in good shape and fit. If not I will have to stalk NM and BG to see when they put them on sale.:sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats! I have bought a couple of return items from Saks in the past, sale and non-sale, and they have ALWAYS been in perfect condition. The tissue paper is even crisp. NM and BG I can't say the same for. lol

    There is a size 35 up too if anybody else is interested in them. You will have to post photos when you receive them.

    I love Saks online too b/c they always ship out the same day or following day and it arrives in 2 days.