Metal thingy & scratches on lining

  1. I would assume the scratches will be less noticeable over time. If not, at least they are on the bottom of the bag. I do not know what to suggest to clean the metal. I usually use a jewelry cloth to wipe my speedy lock. However, this only removes smudges and fingerprints not dirt and tough grime.
  2. wat does pic 10 look to you? is it just dirt, not scratches?
  3. I bet if you looked at your second picture, without the circle, you wouldn't even notice the scuff. I have a Popincourt that I bought new at LV, and this same thing happened to the trim on it.

    With time, the vachetta will patina on the trim. If the metal bothers you a great deal, you can see what the cost is to replace the hardware.
  4. yeah i am not too worried about lining.
    i got to see the bag when i got it.. i won it
    can anyone suggest
    - metal cleaner
    - leather conditioner

    thanks alot for the replies
  5. RE: photo 10

    Is that dirt or is the gold / bronze plating chipping?
  6. Iono....from the date code it looks like it's made in March 2005.......and ONLY after ONE YEAR....I really think that bag is kinda beat up. I know it's not the worst worst, but those super dirty bags are usually 10 years old....... I mean, one of my bags was produced in 2002 and the leather is still exquisitely well maintained and the hardware's all shiny with no chips at all. If you wait a lil more, I'm sure another much better looking Batignolles will pop up on Ebay!
  7. ow.. i already bought it =(
    the seller said its gold / bronze plating chipping
    can i get it replaced by lv?
  8. You can't notice the scuff/dirt marks on the bottom, so I wouldn't worry about that.

    As for the hardware, it's probably kind of expensive to replace it, but you could always ask your nearest boutique/counter.
  9. For example to replace the handles it's about $80 so it's pretty cheap.