messenger bosphore pm

  1. Do you think this bag looks cute on women or do you think it's too masculine? I think it would be a very practical bag (when you have little kids). So, what do you think about it for women?
  2. I think it's a unisex bag that looks just fine on both men and women. :yes:

    It goes well with casualwear.
  3. My sister has the Pochette Bosphore and it looks okay on her when she's in casual clothes.
  4. I liked how it looked on me, it looked good, but it is a casual bag. And I would definitely buy it for this reason.
  5. it's unisex. and i personally think the PM is just the right size for women. :yes:
  6. I like the size of the PM. I saw a woman with it today and it looked very cute.
  7. I tried it on and think it is a great casual bag:smile:
  8. I also tried it on and it moved to the top of my want list.

    So cute, and not masculine at all!!
  9. I like the messenger, but has anyone seen the "bum bag" bosphore....yikes, it's a full on fanny pack......sorry, just not my thing....I don't mind the ones that are like little clutches that attach to belts, but can't do the fanny pack!
  10. I would use it!
    But then again, I also use men's cologne ;)
  11. I think its fab and I bought it! A friend came over last night and I showed her my collection and she thought the Bosphore PM was "the coolest bag I've ever seen!"
  12. I'm thinking of getting it, but do you know if you can put your wallet (I'm using an epi compact wallet) in the zipper part? Does it bulge out and look bad? I wouldn't feel safe just plopping it inside because of the flap closure.
  13. A friend of mine just got one and its a really cute looking, messenger bag. Its casual and looks great with a pair of jeans and runners. :smile: I actually think the pm would look a bit "too cute" on a guy. Its a good choice. The only one thing I don't like about it is that there is no magnet or button to secure the flap closed.
  14. The flap is secured by magnets that are inside...
  15. Ok, so I ordered it. I couldn't resist with free shipping from elux this week and no sales tax. I hope it was worth it. I'm really dying for a hands free bag.