Message from eBay...

  1. so, i log into my eBay account and see this message. anyone else got this? what is it? i'm afraid that it's a kind of scam...

  2. aha, thank you! i'm always paranoid about this.

  3. Someitmes they have promos or special offers. Usually I'll just Continue and ignore them
  4. ah, really? i seldom log into my account from the US site, so i've never seen those messages. thank you again, ladies. :heart:
  5. Kind of interesting that they never do a pop up message when there is a reduced listing fee sale... I have never seen one.
  6. true! hmmm...
  7. Definitely from eBay! I get those all the time actually after I log in.. I just skip through it though :p
  8. i;ve never got anything liek that YET..:graucho:
  9. Yes, this is sometimes on the page after I login. I just ignore it and click continue.
  10. ive gotten that too, just a promotion thing from them.. no worries