Merry Christmas to me!

  1. Congratulations..I have this bag and just love it...nice get. maggie
  2. Thanks! :nuts: My green bag obsession has taken over. I now have 3 green bags - pistachio green, military/olive green and now emerald :heart:
  3. What a beauty! I am "green" with envy...
  4. Congrats! I love green bags too... The venetia looks great in this color. Hope you enjoy it, and Merry Xmas!
  5. Wow, great bag and great deal! Merry Christmas, indeed! Congratulations!:love:
  6. Congrats Cristina!! What a wonderful Christmas present. I :heart: green too!!
  7. Congrats! It's a gorgeous bag! Definitely post pictures when you get it!
  8. Cristina...Way cool Color...Love that Caribbean shade...
  9. Cristina! Congratulations on your new bag. I love that color!
  10. Wow what a steal! I love that color. Congrats!
  11. oh my gosh, i love that!
  12. Of course ;) I already asked for a photo op when the bag arrives, then it gets wrapped and goes under the tree :smile:

    Thanks, everyone! I'm glad I could share my happiness with you all!
  13. ^ Congrats Cristina. I Venetia, I hope you will too. =)
  14. Congratulations on your Venetia! It's sooooo gorgeous! I have an Emerald Sophia and the color is awesome.

    Merry Christmas to you!:yahoo: