Merry Christmas! Have you check out the stock at LVR?

  1. It says Electric Blue is not available until Jan 08

    Thanks though!!
  2. merry xmas everyone!!!!:drinkup:

    is there any pic of the electric blue one??
  3. I have asked LVR for photos, but no reply yet. THe LVR prices shown include a 20% tax. If you live outside the EU, LVR takes away the tax but you may have to pay your local taxes as LVR ships using FedEx. You can add the item into the shopping cart to see the price without tax. The prices for the Day and some of the Giant bags seems a little cheaper than US prices.
  4. ^really?! i could never view any pics on this site. is it just me?
  5. There are no photos for Balenciaga. I think LVR is not allowed to transact online like Aloha Rag. You can click on the "Information" box and type your question.
  6. I couldn't view any photos either :huh:.
  7. i see. thanks for explaining, jems332!
  8. I have received the LVR catalog for spring summer 2008. Its a 3MB pdf file. It shows bags in White, Sahara and Black, with little squares for other colours.

    The Giant Seau style looks interesting. It is like a Day but with a oval/round base.

    You can email LVR for the catalog or I can forward to anyone interested if you PM me your email addresses.