Men's Reveal! Bleeker Courier

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  1. Another quick question as DH and I were discussing the bag. He asked me if the leather used would be inferior anyhow or if it was just visually unique?

    He asked if I had shared pictures here yet. He knows me so well! :biggrin:
  2. I saw a bag in the Hermes forum that was like that. The person said they preferred leather like that to make their bag more interesting.... (I go over there to drool...hahaha!)
  3. It's a really nice bag but it would bother me too.
  4. congratulations:smile:))
  5. He has an awesome attitude so if he's happy you're happy!
  6. I like the way the leather looks on the bag, to me it gives it character. But that of course is my opinion. It is def. a good looking bag! :smile:
  7. I like it! I think it makes it more my opinion...My husband has a briefcase type bag he takes to work everyday since he graduated college...he's 46 now! lol..It's not Coach, but I should post it! I've mentioned a few times if maybe he would like to get a new bag...he says why? This ones fine! Gotta love him! More purse money for me! lol...Now if you want to know how many watches he has...lets just say WAY more than the number of purses I have....:whistle:
  8. We went to the store yesterday to see if they could find shoes for me in a different size. He had continued to look at the bag and decided it was quite a lot and very visible markings. I told him that he could always take it and just look before he decided one way or another. After looking at the bags they had, he chose one that they had.

    Do you know, I pulled up FOS today and found the exact style number on their sale? We ordered it and he can look at it to see what he thinks and then return one. He is dumbfounded. Anyhow, that's my update for now.
  9. the color for the one you ordered on FOS is different from the bag in this thread. fawn vs natural.

  10. Thank you. How can you tell? I wasn't sure what the color name was? Oh well. It will be easy enough to return, I have shoes I need to take back anyhow.
  11. I really really LOVE alot of Coach's Men stuff! And I adore Bleecker leather! I never look for leather to be perfect; it is a skin, I know my skin isn't perfect. I can overlook a lot of what other's may think are flaws. I LOVE this bag! So glad your husband like it! Very awesome!