Men's Reveal! Bleeker Courier

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  1. DH ordered this with my 30% after we figured out they managers at the store must have used a 30% PCE on his account when we shopped in store. He's gone back and forth as to whether or not he really would use one. He's used to fly into JFK more often than he does now and definitely would have used it going into the city. I guess he decided to go for it. Anyhow, here it is in Fawn. It's long on me, but I didn't want to mess with his strap length. :biggrin:

    Now that I've seen the training in the leather, I'd be tempted to see if he wants to exchange it for one they had at the store. It's just as obvious in person as it is in the pictures. Thoughts?





  2. It's a nice looking bag, but the backside of it would really bother me. I'd exchange it.
    I gave dh a similar coach messenger bag once, but he's so picky about his bags that he returned it.
  3. The back of the bag would bother me. I ordered a mens bag as a gift and it took going through 5 bags until one was found that was acceptable. There is no doubt I would try to find a more attractive leather.
  4. That would bother me, so I say return it.
  5. Beautiful bag, but I say exchange it for another one.
  6. Nice color! Depends on your husband's taste but I'm in the minority in saying I'm not sure that particular training would bother me especially if that's what that particular bag does. If it's going to be a flight bag, it's going to be tossed around quite a bit on the plane and through the TSA anyway. I'm okay with my leather looking a bit broken in especially if I am going to get heavy use out of it like that. But it's not my bag. It's up to the carrier of the courier. Love that style. Very classy.
  7. Very nice bag! Wish I could buy something like for my hubby, but, I know he wouldn't use it. He loves his nylon backpacks. Maybe if he begins to travel overseas again I'll get him a passport case...

  8. Oh no! It won't be a flight bag! He'd never let TSA manhandle it several times a week! :biggrin: He has to carry a specific type of bag anyhow. If he takes it with him, it will be pack in his suitcase until he'd want to use it. I think the only way it might be possible would be if it were black, and even then he wouldn't be able to wear it over his uniform.

    I don't think he minds the veining. He said he thought it gave it personality. He's on a trip right now and he'll probably look again when he gets home and double check it.

  9. I don't know if it's good or bad, but DH does have expensive taste. LOL!
  10. Well that's one thing I don't have to worry about with my hubby, unless it comes to tractors (he loves his John Deere) I'm still freaking a little about the wallets I got him for his birthday. I still have 2 and a half months to wait to give those too him.

    I hope your hubby loves his new bag and gets to use it a lot.
  11. This is a handsome bag...but I would definitely exchange it. The back would drive me nuts! The color is amazing, too. Do you mind if I ask what it's called? TIA! :smile:

  12. The color is called Fawn. :smile:

    I always thought it was Bleeker, but is it Bleecker? I know I could look it up....
  13. #13 Feb 24, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
    Beautiful bag and fawn is such a lovely colour. Isn't the leather great smelling on the mens bags? But yes should exchange.
  14. I actually agree with your husband. The first time I looked at it in the picture I thought it looked really neat and I liked it a lot. Though seeing it in person may incite a totally different response. Lovely bag regardless!
  15. Thanks ladies! I think if it were a purse it would definitely bother me a lot more. Ultimately, it's his bag and his decision. I like it, but I think I'd like a little less of it on the back. I'm just pleased that when I asked him if he was going to keep the bag, his reply was, "Of course! Have you seen it?" :biggrin: