Men's Fall Bags/New Additions

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  1. First of all, did anyone notice that the website was updated around the beginning of this month to include the brown and black taiga colors in a few different models (bringing total to 5 colors), but now its back to the original 3. I'm not crazy cuz I specifically remember seeing pictures as I've been considering the Roman. Can anyone elaborate? And does this mean that they are part of the permanent collection instead of just spring/summer '10? Sorry, I've really only been following the bag collections starting this year.

    Another thing, when do the fall/winter bags (and how about spring/summer while we're at it) make it to the store? I've read somewhere its normally Aug 15th? but I stopped by 5th Ave. NYC late August to pick up a passport cover and didn't see anything. And just this week while I was on vacation (finally), was browsing at Rodeo Drive and they didn't have anything either (maybe one of the monogram, the others were apparently "sold out," or so said the SA). I thought these were some of the major stores and would be the first to have the pieces. I'm just interested in taking a look at the Shako bags in person.

  2. Most LV stock is down right now so all bags are not available.
  3. I rarely see the new collection items on display, with the exception of SLGs. I always have to to ask about bags and wallets, sometimes even pulling up photos from my phone.

    Yes, the new colors are nice and a great addition.
  4. @howard, Umm, SLG? And I think you were looking for a bag, did you find it?

    I can understand that not all the bigger ticket items (i.e. seasonal bags) will be at every store, but at least one? Even for smaller items, I wanted to take a look at the new Taiga LV initials belt, but haven't seen a single one. I'm just confused because even the SA's tell me they are "sold out," so, uhhh, when did they come in?

    And @nowwhat, if they are low on stock, is this temporary (i.e. will we be able to see them in later months?) or has this been year round. I'm actually more interested in one of the Spring/Summer bags, does this mean I have to go in in Feb and reserve a bag? That would be kinda annoying cuz if I'm going to spend that much I'd like to see it in person before I commit.

  5. :yes::yes:
  6. okay, just kidding, 5th ave store now has most of the bags. The messenger is unexpectedly nice, just a bit awkward to carry, and the cabas XXL is like a freaking body bag. But I like the spring bags better, going to wait.
  7. SLG= Small Leather Goods

    Yes, I was looking for a YSL tote but never found one..Still playing the waiting game :whistle: