Men's Fall '07 Bags

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  1. So has there been any news about the Fall men's line? I know there's a couple new Taiga, Utah, and DG bags, but does anyone have any info for the runway bags like the big leather travel hobo?

    Thanks all!
  2. they should start arriving on september I waitlisted for the travel bag but I need to see it first...
  3. the first batch - all in bordeaux Bequia - is scheduled to be released this week. the second batch in anthracite will be out a month later on 15 Sept. here's a scan of the look book form the F/W'08 Summary thread in the Reference section:

  4. forgive me for being completely clueless when it comes to men's bags, but is bequia leather bags the ones with the "louis vuitton" perforated at the bottom?
  5. Thanks for the pic DD- I couldn't find it! So did the Grand Cabas Zippe lose the striped trim? I do wish they would've made a "monogram Bequia" Keepall though :drool:
  6. Apparantly only one of the big hobos presented in the show made it into production. this non striped one appeared in the show too.
  7. Yesterday my SAs showed me the Porte Document in Bordeaux and the Mini Grimmuad in Anthercite they were VERY NICE!!! i put them all on hold ,, still not sure about them ,, I also saw the Mini Grimuad in Crocodile in July IT WAS TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the price? 23.000 EUROS!!!!
  8. Put me down for the Porte Document Vertical...
  9. deluxeduck YOU are seriously my new IDOL. I've been checking out ur blog everyday faithfully!!!
  10. thanks! i hope i can faithfully update it everyday too :push:
  11. aww- I really wanted the black striped one :sad: Not so crazy about the plain bordeaux....
  12. An absolute shame. I'd buy one and get a tailor to sew big stripes down the side in colors of my choosing...I jest. But really, that bag isn't half as interesting without the stripes. One of my friends saw Marc Jacobs on 5th Ave recently, Marc can you hook us up please? :yes:
  13. i seen this lookbook. the only difference is the price is in Euros instead. i've put my name on mini grimaud & the porte document vert. honestly, this season doesnt excites me as they used to. i am not even sure whether to egt anything or not. i hope the degrade's look is really up to my expectation.

    and i'm on the same page with everyone. they shouldve produced the striped hobo instead of this one (a very bland color indeed..).
  14. i already saw the mini grimaud in anthericite ,, its on hold for me , i need to think about it not sure though ,, also the porte document in bordeaux! the leather is amazing!!!!!! its soooooooooo soft!!! i'm going back to LV on tuesday and maybe picking up both!