Mens Day question??

  1. I am trying to find a crossbody style bag that has a longer drop length that the Courier and Flat messenger. I guess since I am tall and prefer a crossbody style that hangs at the hip so I don't have to be a contortionist to get at my stuff, I need a longer drop length. In looking at some pictures of the mens day, that looks like it might be the ticket. Can anyone tell me what the max drop length is on the strap and if that bag is only produced in neutral colors or the full range of Bal colors? TIA!!! ;)
  2. #I dont know how long the strap is but its very long.
    I am sure it wil fit U, at the longest it comes until my knees.
    Good luck and hugs FX:heart:
  3. On the next to the shortest hole my drop is 24". On the longest strap it's 31". This is slouchy, not filled to the top. And mine is blueberry. So they definitely come in some bright Bal colors. :smile: I love mine and I'm short and the only issue is its almost TOO long for me.
    Good luck
  4. Check the newest pics on Photos wearing your Bbags thread, I just uploaded mine a couple of days ago. I'm 5'11 and I keep the strap at its shortest length. It's long enough, no worries :smile:
  5. The Messenger a/k/a/ Men's Day is great for tall people, the strap length is adjustable from 37"-50" long. They even come in Pewter Hardware, which makes me wish I was taller:

  6. I just don't like the thick macho strap on the men's bags, otherwise I'd be all over them!!!
  7. Here's a pic of me and my Olive Mens Day :love:. I'm 5'6" and the straps are set at the shortest lenght. HTH b-bag twiggy day 004.JPG
  8. yes, I've tried on the men's day and I love it! it hangs beautifully low. my only grouse is the strap, if not for that, I'd grab it in a heartbeat! as for colors, since it's the mens range, it doesn't have all the brilliant colors that we love..... on the other hand, sometimes there are "men only" colors (or maybe Bal just rename them, I'm not too sure on that).
  9. The colors usually are in the mens day, I just doubt they do magenta or certain aqua colors, but reds, blues, greens and even purple exist.