Men's coin purse value and quality


May 17, 2014
Only you have the answer to the question whether it is worth a purchase or not. Will you actually use it? Do you like the brand? As anyone in this forum could have given another alternatives from any other brand or different shape and design, but if this is what you want then I'd say go for it.

I might be wrong but from what I know Dior Homme hardly go on sale. Even when they do they are usually not held in store (usually done privately at the office/ showroom) and mostly comprises of seasonal items and very little SLGs selection such as the leather purse. Having said that it is never too early to buy any items from Dior Homme that you like as it will definitely be worth your money.


Nov 22, 2006
I don't have this particular style but I have the same leather in a large Dior Homme tote and I really love how rich and supple the leather feels. Its definitely a high quality leather that is also nicely thick.

But like all leather wallets, this one is not immune to scratches and wear around the corners over time.

If you really like the style and want a leather wallet instead of coated canvas, then by all means get this. As anonserg said, Dior Homme doesn't often go on sale, and when they do, they are at (very very few) remote outlet locations that won't have the item in stock by the time you can make a trip there.