Men's Bag Spring06 Question

  1. Can someone tell me if these bags from the Spring06 line for men are still avail for sale? Are these Nomade? love the green one in particular, what model is that called?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. These look like Tobago bags...

    The only Tobago bags that were made were the Carryall, Keepall, and Shoe Bag.
  3. So sad, the green one looks like something I would definitely want and be more afforable. :sad:
  4. Yup looks like Tobago. The green one is HOT!
  5. i wish they made that shoulder-carry model too :sad:
  6. the shouler one (green) it is gorgeous
    but I am afraid of the price tag
    I love the shorts that guy has mmm lol
  7. They should be still available somewhere. Black tobago is permament line...
  8. Green Tobago was never produced. Neither was the style of that bag. Sorry!

    The Tobago line has only three bags - the Shoe Bag ($1730?), the Carryall ($1850) and the Keepall ($2000). The Shoe bag is avaliable in Blue, Brown and Black while the Carryall and Keepall are avaliable in Blue, Yellow, Red and Black.
  9. damn the two styles pictured look better than the Shoe bag any day of the week!! maybe these will show up on Karen Kooper one day, ha.
  10. The second picture in brown that you posted IS the Shoe Bag!! :p
  11. I loooove this shoe bag!


    Was the shape different on the runway? This never released clutch was cute too

  12. The shape isn't different. The very large picture you provided of the bag makes it look different... my Shoe bag in blue usually stays up... not sure what's wrong with that one in the picture? :confused1: Deluxeduck also has the Shoe bag! From his pictures and looking at my own it looks like it should stand up on its own? :confused1:
  13. oh really?! ooops! :shame: The shape of the shoe bag always reminded me of the Noe which I hate. It looks kinda flat from the runway pic. And i'm kinda uncomfortable how the LV logo is emblazoned dead center! :sad:
  14. it does look like the retail final version. Post a pic of yours or deluxe pic :yes:
  15. The shoe bag has this look when the bag is empty and when the string is held tight, my girfriend has it and it does the same thing. The tobago leather is very supple.

    The runway appear to be different from the the version produced anyway, even the carryall seems to be different.

    here is a pic of the ad campaign