Men Reveal : 3 IN 1

  1. Hi !!!!

    Happy NEW YEAR !!
    i was in LA for the weekend, and i visited the new men boutique in robertson BLVD.
    It was magical !!! Heaven on Earth. They have LOTS OF shoes !!
    The SA's were super nice and friendly.

    I wasn't planing on buying anything, but i ended up with buying 3 shoes. I was IN LOVE !!

    I hope you enjoy the PIC's
    DSC07343.jpg DSC07344.jpg DSC07348.jpg DSC07346.jpg DSC07345.jpg DSC07347.jpg
  2. Congratulations! Great purchases.
  3. What a fun haul! Congrats :biggrin:.
  4. Awesome haul .... Congrats I wanna visit the men shop soon
  5. lovely! :]
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. love the spike loafers! Congrats!
  8. Diggin' all three! Congrats!!
  9. Super congrats .... Super love ....
  10. Congrats! What a great haul :biggrin:
    I really like those sandals, how much were they if you don't mind me asking? And did you see any other sandal styles?
  11. Congrats on all three purchases!
  12. Congrats! They're amazing!!
  13. Sweet!
  14. Oh man I want to run my hands through the last pair. Looks so much fun!
    Great haul!!
  15. i wanna comb your shoe:lolots: