Memory Recall - LV Style

  1. idea yanked from REREsaurus on the bbag forum!! my bbag one was easy since I've only had 4 bags ...

    but here is the deal. I know for some of you this will be hard. hehe.

    first, list ALL OF THE LV BAGS YOU'VE EVER HAD. ever. even if you returned it!!

    then list what made the cut and you have now.

    mine is gonna be long! :sweatdrop: but I know some people's will be even longer ....

    (if you want to list accessories, it's up to you.)
  2. What I have had:
    Monogram Speedy 25
    Damier Speedy 25
    Mini Lin Ebene Speedy
    Cerises Speedy
    Batignolles Vertical
    White MC Priscilla
    Damier Saleya MM
    White MC Agenda PM
    Black MC Agenda PM
    Damier Trousse Make-up
    Damier Compact Zip Wallet
    Croissant GM
    SO Damier Cabas Piano
    Black MC Petit Noe

    What I still have:
    Cerises Speedy
    Mini Lin Ebene Speedy
    Damier Speedy 25
    Mono Speedy 25
    Black MC Petit Noe
    Damier Compact Zip wallet
    Black MC Agenda PM
    Damier Trousse Make-up

    sadly, the Croissant GM and SO Damier Cabas Piano went up for sale on eBay :sad:. But I just don't love them, so there's no point in keeping them!
  3. Here is my list~ began in August 2006. The Orange is what I currently have in LV. No accessories...would be way too long:graucho:

    Mono Alma
    Mono babylone
    Mono speedy 25
    Mono Beverly mm
    Mono sophie
    Mono batignolles horizontal

    Epi mandarin speedy 25
    Epi red passy pm
    Epi Vanilla Soufflot
    Epi toledo petite noe
    Epi black soufflot
    Epi lilac Jasmin
    Epi yellow speedy 25
    Epi toledo speedy 30
    Epi red Alma
    Epi Ivorie speedy 25
    Epi Lilac Dinard
    Epi Mandarin speedy 30

    Multicolor Alma white

    Vernis indigo reade
    Vernis Fuschia Bedford
    Vernis Amarante Brentwood
    Vernis Amarante Houston
    Vernis Amarante Sunset Blvd
    Vernis Indigo Stillwood
    Vernis Red Thompson street

    Damier Speedy 25

    Mat stockton Blue

    Denim Baggy PM Blue

    Suhali Black Le Tal'

    Olympe Nimbus Perle
  4. if nothing is stated it's vernis :biggrin:

    I've had:
    noisette cles
    framboise cles
    perle cles
    pomme heart
    pomme french purse
    indigo french purse
    vanilla epi french purse
    indigo billfold
    fuchsia key holder
    peppermint key holder
    lilac epi key holder
    noir mat ludlow
    framboise ludlow
    beige ludlow
    indigo agenda
    red agenda
    bronze agenda
    yellow epi agenda
    toledo blue epi mini agenda
    mandarin cc holder
    baby blue broome
    pomme inclusion bracelet pm
    peppermint reade pm
    fuchsia reade pm
    indigo reade pm
    bronze reade pm
    yellow thompson st.
    baby blue thompson st
    baby blue houston
    both vernis pochette fleurs
    perle stillwood
    purple sutton
    lavender bedford
    red spring street
    silver lexington
    marshmallow mallory square
    toledo blue epi speedy 30
    mandarin epi keepall 45
    vanilla epi soufflot
    toledo blue epi petit noe
    mandarin pochette
    blue antigua cabas mm
    azur speedy 25

    I have:
    indigo billfold
    fuchsia key holder
    yellow epi agenda
    pomme inclusion bracelet
    both pochette fleurs
    both thompson streets
    perle stillwood
    antigua cabas mm
    azur speedy 25

    and three of my items are in limbo ... I'm trying to sell but may keep them if they don't (2 wallets and a bag).
  5. I don't think I can do this... there is WAY too much!!!! Maybe I will try and get back with ya!
  6. What I had:

    Mono petit noe
    Mono musette tango
    Mono looping GM
    Mono neverfull PM
    Mono regular batignolles
    Mono speedy 25
    Mono montsouris
    Mono pochette accessoires
    Mono T&B pochette accessoires
    Mono passport holder ( lost it)
    Azur pochette accessoires
    Damier saleya pm
    Damier musette salsa
    Damier french purse
    Epi speedy 25
    Epi pochette accesoires ( black and yellow with gold hardware---I miss those:crybaby:)

    What I have now:

    Damier speedy 25
    Damier pochette accesoires
    Damier ludlow
    Mini lin speedy 30
    Mono speedy 35
    Mono pochette wallet
    Mono 6 key holder
    Mono cerise cles
    Pink speedy inclusion keychain
    MC fleurs keychain
    Pochette extender
    Epi red pochette accesoires

    Waiting for my Trevi PM and Tivoli GM:graucho:
  7. I think we've done this before but I'm bored so I'll go again.

    Mono Speedy 25
    Mono Salsa Musette long strap
    Damier papillion 26
    Yellow Epi Cannes
    Red Epi Cannes
    Blue Epi Cannes
    Black Epi Cannes
    Fuschia Denim Baggy Pm
    Ecru Antigua Cabas PM
    Red Epi Pochette
    White MC Shirley
    Silver Miroir Pochette
    Gold Miroir Pochette
    Mono Riveting Pochette
    Dentelle Kirsten
    Silver Miroir Speedy
    Gold Miroir Speedy
    Grey Patchwork Denim
    Silver Miroir Lockit
    White MC Priscilla
    Mandarin Epi Sac Plat
    Damier Trevi
    Brown CB Papillion
    White MC Theda GM
    Brown Monogram Charms Pochette
    Pegase 50
    Keepall 55
    Navy Blue Polka Dots Corsaire (No longer with me)
    Black MC Pochette (recently sold)

    No including accessories lets just say lots for those
  8. What I have:
    Neverfull PM
    Porte Billets Cartes Bleue
    Pochette Cles
    Inclusion GM in Pomme D'Amour

    That's it! I have never sold or owned anything else!
  9. I've kept the retail bulimia to a minimum, I'm proud to say !

    What I've owned:

    Monogram Pochette
    Damier Navona
    White MC Pochette
    Monogram Croissant MM
    Monogram Popincourt Haut
    Monogram Batignolles Vertical
    Monogram Batignolles Horizontal
    Monogram Speedy 25
    Azur Speedy 25

    Vernis Ludlow - Lavender
    White MC Mirror
    Monogram Cles (x2.. my mistake)
    White MC Cles
    Groom Cles
    Vernis Cles - Amarante
    Groom Agenda - Red
    Fleurs Bandeau - Blue
    Extender Keychain
    Long Strap (I'm not sure if the exact name.. it's all vachetta though!)

    What's no longer with me:

    Monogram Croissant MM
    Vernis Ludlow - Lavender
    White MC Mirror
    Monogram Cles (1)

    And of course I can't wait for my WL Neverfull.. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Come to meeee !
  10. What I've Owned:

    Black MC Speedy
    Black MC LOdge PM
    Graffiti pochettes (all 3 color combos)
    Cherry Blossom pochettes (all 3 color combos)
    brown/pink CB papillon
    damier papillon 30
    red epi speedy 25
    damier speedy 30
    mono speedy 30
    khaki LVOE 2 tote PM
    Dentelle speedy (gold)
    cerises speedy
    cerises ronde
    cerises cles
    panda pochette
    panda cles
    Fleurs keychain
    bandeaus (2 fleurs, LVOE, pink etoile, red groom, leopard/Sprouse)
    groom ronde
    groom cles
    mono agenda PM (rose)
    Stephen Sprouse necklace
    groom agendas (all 3)
    groom keychains (both colors)
    pomme roxbury
    amarante reade PM
    mini lin cles
    mono compact zip wallet
    mono cosmetic pouch

    What I have Left Today:

    Mono compact zip wallet
    Mono agenda
    Mono cosmetic pouch
    MC speedy
    Stephen Sprouse necklace

    What will be left next week:

    Mono wallet & agenda & cosmetic pouch
  11. Okay this is going to be embarrassing but here goes:

    This is what I have HAD:

    Monogram Manhattan PM Bag
    White Suhali Lockit PM Bag
    Monogram Looping Bag
    Monogram Zipped Purse
    Framboise Vernis 4 Key Holder
    Framboise Vernis Sm. Agenda
    Monogram Pochette Cosmetique
    Monogram 4 Key Holder
    LV Inclusion Bracelet TPM
    Bronze Vernis Bedford
    Monogram Cabas Piano
    Monogram Sm. Agenda
    Suhali Sm. Agenda Geranium
    Bronze Vernis Broom Wallet
    Bronze Vernis Cles
    Graffiti Pochette Silver
    Monogram Change Purse
    Monogram Popincourt Haut Bag
    Toledo Blue Epi Speedy 25
    Damier Speedy 25
    Monogram Wallet w/ Zip Pocket
    Bronze Vernis Reade PM Bag
    Bronze Vernis Agenda PM
    Monogram Lockit PM Bag
    Indigo Vernis Reade PM Bag
    Indigo Pochette Wallet
    Bronze Vernis 4 – Key Holder
    Red Epi Speedy 25
    Monogram Speedy 25
    Sm. Agenda - Geranium
    MC White Pochette
    White MC Carnet de Bal
    Ceresis Pochette
    Champs d’Elyesse Pink
    Pocket Scarf – Brown Bolduc w/ Bronze Ribbons
    Monogram Manhattan PM
    Damier Saleya PM
    Vernis Pomme 4 Keyholder
    Vernis French Purse Indigo
    White MC Trouville Bag
    Vernis Pochette Wallet – Pomme d’Amour
    Epi Alma Ivoire
    Monogram Cabas Mezzo
    Monogram Shawl Beige
    Monogram Pochette Wallet
    Vernis 4 Key Holder – Indigo
    Vernis Sm. Agenda – Indigo
    Monogram Shawl Chocolate
    Nails Agenda Pen

    And this is what I have now:

    Monogram Alma
    Monogram Mini Accessories Pouch
    Monogram Neverfull PM
    Monogram White MC 4 Key Holder

    Mini Pochette Accessories Azur

    Vernis Pomme Pochette Wallet
    Vernis Sliver Spring Street

    Ceresis Cles

    Black Epi Madeline PM
    Red Epi Alma
    Black Epi Montaingne
    Red Epi Checkbook Holder
  12. ok---- why did u all sell? is this a 'lesson' thread?
  13. oh - and im not gonna play:nogood:---- nope!:rolleyes:

    my DH already told me im crazy!:roflmfao:
  14. I sold to convert to a different brand...although I'm needing a tote bag and might make it an LV one!
  15. :roflmfao:^^^:roflmfao:

    ohhhh thats perfect! welcome back!:lol::shame: