Memory Bag Decision

  1. Hi ladies!

    I am asking for help in my decision. I purchased the Memory Bag (link below) from Neiman's in the Espresso color. It is such a lovely color - such a deep dark brown. While the bag is beautiful, I am undecided on keeping it.

    My dilemma is that is it a very expensive bag and I am really concerned that BV does not hold its value like other bags (Chanel, etc.). However, this is a bag that won't go out of style I don't think...very classic in design and shape.

    Another thing I did notice - it is in my closet in the dustbag with the handles down , one on each side - when I pulled it out of the dustbag to look again the handle impressions were on each side of the bag. Is this because it is such a soft leather? Do you think this will come out when I use the bag? They weren't bad...just left a slight impression on each side.

    Your thoughts would be very helpful. Does anybody else own this bag?
  2. Not sure about the handle impressions, but I believe BV is as great as Channel.
  3. If you bought this bag with concerns about it holding value, it is most likely a good idea to return it. Bottega Veneta is a timeless luxury creator of bags that surpass Chanel in quality, in my opinion, and I've never recommended a bag this expensive be bought with the idea that it will somehow 'hold value' over time. That's not a reason to buy a luxury bag; to pay over $3,000 for something you didn't really want for the bag itself is a mistake, IMO.

    Yes, the impressions would disappear as you used the bag, but you've obviously discovered the bag shouldn't be stored this way.:biggrin: How do we look when we wake up in the morning when our face has been pressed against the bed linen all night? Leather is skin...
  4. the handle impression is because of the memory
    you sound like your on the fence about this bag
    return it and wait for something else that you love to come along
    as your former SA I think you should return it
  5. some styles or leathers may hold their value better than others but sadly, in my opinion, bottega does not hold it's value even though the quality is amazing and the styles timeless. so purchase because you love it and assume you won't get your money back if you decide to sell.

    i have not handled the memory bag irl so can't give an opinion. my favorite bv styles are the cabat and the veneta and for non leather the marco polo tote- hth-
  6. Do you love this bag? If so, don't worry about resale value! It is a classic & very well made. I wish I could have a BV.. Saving up. I never worry about resale value for bags, especially expensive ones. Those I buy to keep forever & I really believe I will. Enjoy it!!
  7. My advice: Return it. Never buy a bag as an investment--that's real estate, the stock market, and 401Ks are for. Buy it because you think it's beautiful.

    And don't expect it (or for that matter anything in life--things, yourself--to remain pristine. It's meant to live and be used.
  8. i don't think there is anything wrong with buying a bag and considering what the resale value may be. some bags work and some don't and it is great if a bag doesn't work and you can recoup some or most of your money.

    these bags are very expensive; nothing wrong with wanting to know what the secondary market might be. jmo-

  9. It seems that you have two options: enjoy the bag for what it is and take a possible loss on resale if it ends up not working for you; OR just return it for a full refund while you still can. Which option would make you feel better?

    You write that you are "really concerned" about the expense of the bag and its resale value. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably return it because it's not worth it for me to be anxious about a bag. Plus, I really hate having buyer's remorse--even more than I hate the feeling of having missed out on a buy. When it comes down to it, I really don't need any more things, anyway.

    Good luck deciding!
  10. Thanks so much ladies for all your opinions, which are all great :smile:

    I am also considering the Bella Bag which looks great! Any opinions on this bag?

    What I liked about the Memory Bag is that it has both the woven and non woven leather. But, all woven is to die for too!!!!

    So many beautiful bags!!! I use my bags - I rotate them around because I like all of them.
  11. Love the bella
    a very stylish tote
  12. I like it

  13. My Bella is a few years old now, and I love it as much as I did when I purchased it. Such a classic and versatile design!
  14. I have an ebano cervo bella - the one that is ruched. It has held up well. I am seeing some wear on the strap where it hits the hole when on my shoulder, but not on the leather covered grommets.
  15. I tried on that bag at Neiman's a few years ago, and it wasn't for me. Knowing myself, I would always carry it on the shoulder with both handles (not with the single elongated strap). It looked okay, and it fit me fine, but with the grommets, thin straps, and the magnetic closure, it just wasn't my favorite in terms of design. I knew I would always choose other bags over it. I know others really like it, though.