Melrose Flap available in NM catalog r/o for details!

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  1. I just got my new Neiman Marcus catalog and right on page 1 is the Melrose flap. I logged in and ordered, woo-hoo! :yahoo: Hurry if you want one!

    Go to and scroll to the bottom for the button, "Catalog Quick Order".

    Type in catalog code: F1107
    and the item number is: 2B

    The pic looks like the bigger size and price is $1,475

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks...but how come the picture didn't show up? Any flaps for Xmas since I do not have the catalogue...
  3. I cant see the picture on NM. Is this for the classic flap style? Do they also have the Cabas style in the catalogue? If yes can you please post the relevant numbers...i do not live in the US. TIA:yes:
  4. Also forgot to ask...what size is the Melrose Flap in the picture?