Melina small LV collection!

  1. Speedy 30
    mini Noè
    Musette salsa
    Graffiti pochette
    Port monnaie plat
    Petit bucket
    Epi leather card holder
  2. Do you have any pictures too?
  3. sorry I forgot the pics...
    Lv1.jpg lv3.jpg lv4.jpg
  4. the oldest piece is a wallet I bought in Paris when I was 15....24 years ago...and I'm still using It!
  5. CUTE!!! love ur graffiti :P
  6. Anyone knows the name of that wallet?
  7. That's a beautiful collection! :yes: :yahoo:
  8. Loving it~~ all so classic!!!
  9. Love your collection!
  10. Sorry, I don't know the name of the wallet, but I was going to comment on it. I love it! What a cool looking piece.
  11. It's a real vintage piece! I love It!:heart:
  12. That is so awesome... :smile:
  13. Very nice! How do you like your petite bucket? I am thinking about that one. Is it big enough?
  14. I used the petite bucket a lot, during my business trips also
  15. Gorgeous collection and not small:P Thanks for sharing:flowers: