Meet Stumpy, The Four Legged Duckling!

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    Stumpy, a four-legged duckling at Warrawee Duck Farm, Copythorne, Hampshire, England, Saturday Feb. 17, 2007. A rare mutation has left the bird with two legs behind the usual two.
  2. LONDON - Webbed feet run in Stumpy's family, but he's the first to have four of them.

    A rare mutation has left the eight-day-old duckling with two nearly full-sized legs behind the two he runs on. Nicky Janaway, a duck farmer in New Forest, Hampshire, 95 miles southwest of London, showed the duckling to reporters Saturday.
    "It was absolutely bizarre. I was thinking 'he's got too many legs' and I kept counting 'one, two, three, four,'" Janaway said.
    Stumpy would probably not survive in the wild, but Janaway, who runs the Warrawee Duck Farm in New Forest, says he is doing well.
    "He's eating and surviving so far, and he is running about with those extra legs acting like stabilizers," Janaway said.
    The mutation is rare, but cases have been recorded across the world. One duckling named Jake was born in Queensland, Australia, in 2002 with four legs but died soon after.
  3. Oh! Bless his little heart. I hope he makes it!!
  4. ^^^Me, too!
  5. I do too!

    I just want to pick him up and hug him!
  6. awwww, I so hope he does well!
  7. What a cutie!! I hope he makes it!

    Go Stumpy!!!!!!
  8. Aww! So cute!! Poor little duckie! I am rooting for him!!
  9. awww too cute!

    I had a 3 legged kitty we named Tripod a few years ago....
  10. Aww! So cute!! I hope he makes it!
  11. That is bizarre, but nonetheless a very cute little guy. I hope he makes it too.
  12. Oh no what a cutie!
  13. oh, I hope he lives a healthy life!!!
  14. Why did they name him Stumpy? It should be the opposite. LOL
  15. Aaaw, what a cutie :smile: