Meet my Chili Carly!!!!!!!! Pics...

  1. This is my PCE purchase / Anniversary gift!!!! I :heart: it!!!! The leather is so soft and squishy!!!! The red color is soooooo gorgous!!! I have never had a red bag! :p
    Excuse my grubby dance clothes in the pics. :smile:
    carly 001-600.jpg carly 002-600.jpg carly 004-600.jpg carly 006-600.jpg
  2. congrats! it looks lovely on you.:tup:
  3. Love the color. Congrats!
  4. W-O-W! That's a hot bag! It's absolutely beautiful and the size is just perfect for you. Congrats - it's gorgeous!!
  5. Thank you!!!! I am so excited about it!!!
  6. She looks HOTT on you! I love it!
  7. OMG!!! My hubby just totally called me out on my drooling over this bag!!!!:sweatdrop: :shame: :drool: It is TDF!!!!!!! I have no idea what to get with my PCE. I'm thinking the satchel on my wishlist, but these Carlys are making me wonder...
  8. That is one SEXY bag!!!!
  9. Wow, It's beautiful!!
  10. "Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT" Gorgeous!
  11. ACK!!!!!!!!! I love chili carly! It looks great on you. Congrats.
  12. Thanks everyone! :woohoo:
  13. I love the red, its so pretty!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chili Carly looks like she was made for you!!!!!! What a stunning bag!!!! PERFECT size! ENJOY her!!!!!
  15. Thank you!!!! :p