Meet Cerises Speedy!

  1. Here she is with her honey vachetta and new tPF charm! :heart: Argh, she's too cute!
    Thank you to twinkle.tink for the tPF bag charm! :yahoo:
  2. she's adorable, congrats! :yahoo:
  3. You are so pretty. And yeah, LV Cerises Speedy is pretty too, with the tPF charm.;)
  4. yay congrats, chelle!!! i remember the first time i saw a cerise speedy....
  5. HOW CUTE!!!!

    my tPF charm should be here......sooon......
  6. Another gorgeous addition! My oh my, you've been busy accumulating a large LV collection :graucho:
  7. pretty gal vs pretty bag with tPF charm !
  8. Congrats!!! Tink's charm looks great on it too-
  9. Very cute!
  10. thanks all. i just noticed the charms on the keychain match the cerises faces hehehe!
  11. :p so cute, looks like they are smilling at each other!!!!:smile:

    congrats, i love mine too!!!!:heart: :p :heart:
  12. ichelle, I love your taste in bags. Every time you post one, I think, I WANT that!

  13. u've been on a roll~~~~~!!! congrats!
  14. your so cute, i love the purse too!

    yay for smiling cherries!
  15. Very pretty, congrats!