Medium Red Paddington

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  1. I'm not sure if the bag is still on sale through aloharag - but...I've been considering it if it is.

    Long story short, I ordered the Burberry Manor when they had their private sale. When it arrived, I was a bit disappointed as the bag I ordered was 'burgundy' and the bag that arrived was fire engine red. I wound up sending it back.

    For those of you who own the red paddy, can you describe the color for me? Or, better yet, post pictures.

    Thanks very much, ladies. I appreciate it.
  2. :tdown:Ack.
    The sale is over.
  3. The sold-out Paddy on AlohaRag is Rouge '06, which is much like a Fire-Engine Red (i've read that it is comparable to the Balenciaga rouge vif) if that's not the shade you're looking for, you didn't miss out from the AR sale :smile:
  4. Thanks, Mimi. That made me feel a LOT better.

    And I did wind up at the LV Store in Atlantic City today to grab the Cabas Piano I've been wanting. I absolutely love it, :heart: so that will hold me over until the perfect red bag comes along!
  5. congrats on your new Cabas Piano, and good luck with your perfect red bag :flowers:
  6. I have to disagree

    I have the 06 rouge and its not fire engine red - actually quite subtle

    Here are some pics

  7. Oh dear.
    It's absolutely gorgeous.
  8. I love your pictures and can't wait to get my Red Paddington! :biggrin:
  9. I adore the Rouge paddington. If you manage to find one of these, I would say grab it, its a fabulous colour :smile:
  10. Now I'm upset that I missed the sale.
    The color looks beautiful.

    HELP ME!!!!!

    Is the bag as heavy as many claim it to be? I'm sure that question is answered somewhere in this forum...but I just figured I'd ask.
  11. it is a heavy, substantial bag, but you get used to it so quickly, you honestly do not notice it after a while :smile:
  12. I got my medium rouge '06 paddy today from Aloharag! It's absolutely gorgeous...i was a bit worried about getting this bag since it was totally an impulse buy in addition to the fact that I was purchaing it sight unseen, but I am completely satisfied with it. The leather isn't the old school paddy leather, but it's all good. It's still thick and smooshy, and the color is fantastic. It's also not as heavy as I thought it would be...I think the MJ Stam is significantly heavier.

    I don't know why people are considering this bag as over...the design is really timeless and beautiful. I'm so happy I got mine, and at a great price!
  13. MiMi - Congrats - I'm so excited for you. I missed the sale as I was trying to work with Burberry regarding the Manor bag they'd shipped me and, since I didn't know the outcome, I didn't want to wind up with two red bags. Now I have none. :crybaby:
  14. Oh nooooo!! Don't worry, you will find your red bag soon...think of it this way, maybe your red bag is looking for you too! ;)

    Sales are just beginning to start at Neiman Marcus and Saks, so you definitely want to check these places out, since there have been reports of Chloe Paddingtons being marked down 30%-40%. So don't despair! I'll also keep an eye out for you in my shopping travels...:flowers:
  15. Thank you SO MUCH! :tup: