Medium Noce Perforated Campana $1,039 at Woodbury Outlet

  1. Attached are photos. I decided not to get it, but too beautiful to not share esp for that price. If you decide to purchase or inquire, please ask for Theresa and let her know Theresa from California (that's my name too!) relayed you. (Woodbury BV: (845) 928-4563)

    P.S. I'm attaching a few other bags that they have. Here are their prices:
    Borsa Fenice (I think beautiful): $1,649
    NE Venezia: $1,649
    Noce Double Flap: $939
    Noche Campana.JPG Borsa Fenice.JPG NE Venezia and Noche Double Flap.JPG
  2. wow, these are beautiful, especially the fenices...i`ve actually ever seen them IRL...