Medium Leather Zoe Slouchiness?

Mar 19, 2008
For those of you currently using the medium sized zoe, how is its slouchiness. When I tried it at the store, even with my stuff in it, it still seemed to kinda stand up on its own more unlike the medium carly I have. I love the slouch of the large but when I tried it in the store over the weekend it seems a tad large for my personal use. So does the bag "break-in" well? does the slouchiness get better over time or should I just go with the larger on who seems to already have the slouch I want?:shrugs:


Jan 31, 2008
I own the large zoe and she has a great slouch to her. I find the medium zoe to be too small and she doesn't have the slouch that the large does. I think the large zoe slouches enough, depending on if you don't have alot of stuff in it, to be the same "size" as the medium. I love the slouch on my zoe. HTH.


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
I don't have one myself, but I'm fairly certain the med Zoe will gain that slouchiness over time. Even the floor models that have been out longer are already getting more slouch to them then there was at the beginning.