Medium/large or Rectangular mini ?

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  1. Hello again , I'm in much need of your great advice please .

    Does the M/L hold a lot more than the rectangular mini ?

    It's such a big jump in price & if they hold a similar amount would it be worth paying the extra.

    I already have a jumbo & just mademoiselle, plus some totes & clutch. Be good to have something a little smaller for weekends & running errands.

    Looking forward to hearing your replies.

  2. The M/L does hold a bit more than the mini, but not a significant amount. But IMO, there are more differences between the two than just their capacity. I find the M/L to be the more versatile of the two, which I feel can be dressed up or down and basically goes with everything. The mini has a more casual vibe, but can be dressed up for certain occasions. However, if cross body is very important to you, the mini might be a better choice. Another thing to consider is how each of them look on your frame, so ideally you would have an opportunity to try them on. I think it really depends on what is important to you and the price difference shouldn't really be taken into account since the bag needs to suit your needs. Good luck deciding!
  3. I have a rect mini and a square mini. The reason I didn't buy the m/l flap is it's not very different space wise. And the double flap design also bothers me :P ( imagine all the extra space you have without the double flap!).Also, I'm a cross body type of girl so mini is the best for me- I like how I can shorten the strap and wear it on one side too!
  4. the main difference between mini and m/l is strap drop. (m/l cannot be worn cross body while both mini's can. the square strap drop is significantly shorter than rect so square would not work as a cross body for someone who's more than 5'4-5'5" tall - i mean you could push it if you don't mind it hitting you a little higher but rect has a longer strap drop). in terms of what fits, m/l fits slightly more (not much) than the other two (and between square and rect, they fit about the same!). i have 2 m/l and 1 square mini and right now i am LOVING my square mini - it fits my current lifestyle and i'm a total cross body bag kind of gal. in fact, i'm waiting for the perfect rect mini to add to my collection (i'm just hoping the strap drop is not too long for me - i know it will when shoulder carried but hoping it works as a cross body!). anyway, long story short, i would say pick the size based on whether you would want to carry it cross body style or just shoulder carry. HTH!! good luck!

    EDIT: just read that you are asking between m/l and rect mini - disregard my comments on square then!! lol
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  5. If you plan to carry it on formal events too, buy the M/L. I dont think the mini would look good on formal events. They look a little too hello kitty as some may say. Its just M/L and jumbo flap for me for the classics.
  6. i would disagree that the mini is not good for formal events. Depending on what color/hardware you get, I think the mini is much more formal than the m/l. I have the rectangular mini in black caviar with brushed gold hardware (got it last fall) and use it exclusively at night, and for formal events. My evening purses are always smaller than my day time purses, as I carry less and just like evening purses to be smaller (more dainty). If you got a mini in say a light pink, well that would be harder to make an evening purse. My two cents.
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  7. i totally agree. mini size (and extra mini size) is great for formal events and they both look so cute with strap tucked in and carried as a clutch!
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  8. Definitely mini if you want a running errands/ weekend bag.
    M/l flap maybe holds 10% more than mini. I have very casual life style so mini suits my needs. LOVE LOVE LOVE mini!
    I seldom use my m/l flap though.
  9. I say medium. Mini bags are all the rage now till the next trend hits. Though I'm not a follower of trends, but I would say medium as the minis released recently especially in cavier, don't seem to hold their shapes in the long run.
  10. Just like petite malle..
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  11. I dont know about the mini... Some considered it not classic and just seasonal.
  12. I have both, and think they're very different in terms of usage. The mini is a great "date" bag and great for running errands or going to lunch. The m/l is all that and much more because it holds more and is more or a "bag", if you know what I mean. And it fits the iPad mini, so it's great when you need to carry that with you, which for me, is a lot of the time! Good luck deciding!!
  13. I have several jumbos, several minis, and only 1 m/l. My m/l is my LEAST carried chanel. I have to make myself get it out and use it. I LOVE my minis and grab them all the time. They are the perfect size for what I need when running around with kids. I like to carry them at work conferences too. I bring a GST for all the meetings and the mini for going out afterwards. I have a patent mini that is a little more formal if needed.
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  14. Not sure if this will be helpful, but I have both and use both, but for very different things. My m/l's are for work, smart casual, sometimes shopping. My mini's are for when I want to be a touch more casual and cross body by day, and evenings. I use both often, but the m/l does feel a bit more formal. I have a few seasonal jumbo's also, and tend to think of these as for use when I need to carry a lot, and day only, way too big for me for after dark. So my view would be both, but if it's one only try them on in store (even if different colours/not your chosen leather and finish) to see what fits, how they feel and look, etc. Good luck!
  15. So I have the jumbos and a few boys and a m/l in black caviar with silver hardware and a rectangular mini with brushed gold hardware in a navy blue.

    The m/l holds a little bit more than the mini for sure. I haven't tried on the square one as it didn't appeal to much.

    For me the m/l is an under dog that really wins! I've carried it with dresses esp my girly dresses and lbds and jeans and for formal and casual events. Even with Indian wear! I've worn it crossbody too and that gives it this cool feel. I love it for its versatility. It's my princess bag. Simply for the way it makes me feel!!

    The mini now.....I love it with my maxis and even with a mini dress....stockings and's something you can definitely carry formally and as a clutch too...I personally haven't tried that but will!

    You need to see what appeals to you more. What sits better on your body and honestly, just makes your heart sing.

    My takeaway would be, consider the leather on your mini...the colour too most definitely. Some of the patent bright pop ones are fun but somehow I find them restrictive.

    One other thing I've noticed is that the caviar on my m/l(made in France) is stiffer than that on my mini( made in Italy). And my m/l is older than the mini and has seen more use. I don't the reason why the mini caviar leather is somewhat softer but the I find the stiffness on the m/l more to my liking.

    Go to the store. Try on a few bags. See what you like and take an informed decision :smile:

    The forum will help you along the way am sure.
    Best of luck and may the best bag win!
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