Medium, Large, or Oversized Muse? What's your favorite color?


What size is the Muse you have or the Muse you want?

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  1. I have been thinking about getting a new Muse, and am debating about size again, and color. Seems to me like everyone got the large size, when I bought a medium. I am considering selling the medium as used and getting a large, or getting another medium. However my boyfriend prefers the medium, and even my mother says it is a more reasonable size than the large which is in her mind, "travel sized". What size is everyone buying? And, in addition to mentioning the size you are buying, what do you put in it? I can understand how a new mom may need to carry more for the baby, or someone at the office may need to take documents. These are not my current needs, so in order to compare my interests with yours, it would be helpful to know what you use it for. Perhaps you may use it for something that I also do...and then I will think of a new reason to get that size whatever it may be.

    Also, what color? Has everyone seen the new fall colors? I stepped into YSL today and they have that lovely grey/silver (anth-something) that has been out for a while, the new "oak", another new dark brown (not oak), olive, and a lot of beautiful options in ostrich. White is also a color that will carry on into the fall.

    Thanks for your time, and I apologize if these questions have been asked a hundered times before and are redundant. If so, just show me the link to the other thread!
  2. I prefer the XL Muse. I think the bag looks better with the longer shape. It's too wide to be so short, it makes it look too squat for my eye. There's a reason almost all of the celebs have the XL - it's because it's really the feature silloutte of the bag. I think that's why YSL used it for all of the campaigne ads for the bag too.

    I prefer the chocolate over the new oak. The oak is too milk chocolate (and also with a hint of red) - the chocolate is so dark and rich looking. The olive is also very striking. The black is nice - but not as unique or special to me. I think the chocolate bag is also a good year round color. The white was too restricting to me (in terms of what you could wear with it) and also how you had to treat it and the fact that it wouldn't work for me as a winter bag.
    There's a new tan color that some people like, but again for me it's too light - so it's only a summer bag.

    JMO though.....
  3. When i was looking to buy the muse, i thought that the xl seemed too large for me, so i went with the large anthracite - and i love my bag. However, the xl is growing on me and my next one will be in the xl size, not sure of col yet tho.

    I don't fill my bag with a lot of stuff, just the normal essentials, it looks fine, with little in it or stuffed.

    The xl is difinately the best looking but i needed time to get used to the big size. I havn't seen the fall colors yet, but so far i like the dark brown in the xl.

    btw, nice that there is a ysl sub forum for us here!
  4. The oversized bag is really quite big. Would you consider that an every day bag, or a travel sized bag?
  5. the large is good for me. the oversized is way too big for my frame. i'm pretty tiny. and the large is big on me as it is!
  6. I agree with beauxgoris that the bag "pops" in the Oversize and I've seen many people carrying it that it looks great on. The huge size is probably the feature that most makes the bag stand out.

    That said, I'm small and prefer the Large size on me personally - the Oversize looked ridiculous unfortunately. And the Large is big enough - even it gives the effect of an oversized bag.

    As far as color, I much prefer the Chocolate over the new Oak. It looks richer and more elegant. I also love Ostrich in this particular bag - the simplicity of the style sets off the Ostrich's texture beautifully - you can really focus on it.
  7. I'm a huge fan of the Medium sizes and of the XL. The Large does nothing for me.. it looks awkward to me, almost as though if the bottom was cut off and is missing... if that makes any sense! Maybe that's because I'm tall and it feels retarded, IDK. :P

    As for colours, I love Chocolate and Olive :flowers:
  8. I love all 3 sizes (have all 3 sizes) and my favorite colors are the ones I have which are white (med), black (large), dark brown (XL). I got the white in the med size because DH hates big white bags. I'm glad I did as it is a chic little white bag. I got the black in large because I knew I would carry the black more (and dress it up more) and needed a size I could put over my shoulder if needed and the large allows that. Then I finally caved and got the funkier XL but in the dark brown (and I'm so glad I did) that I carry that alot when wearing jeans. So all 3 in the 3 sizes/colors serve 3 different purposes for me. I'm 5'8" and don't mind the XL size. I think the red and olive will be very pretty colors for fall and can't wait to see PF'ers posting their pics of them.
  9. I am really enjoying this poll. My boyfriend insists that the medium is a "normal" size for the bag. He also loves the white. However I am wondering if the large isn't better. After all, I have not heard that many people screaming love for the medium, or celebs buying it, not to mention that I always seem to carry more than I anticipate. However I agree that white is beautiful, but white is so delicate, and easily ruined. I actually have the white medium now, but I am thinking of selling it before it gets any more "used". I already know someone who would want it. Yet I love the look of it. If anyone has the white or any white bag, is the unspoken rule just that you can't wear it that often?
    Or is there a secret to protecting it?
  10. Those of you with the oversize, how tall are you? I have yet to see the bag IRL but I am 5"4 1/2. I love the XL in brown but would it be too big for me?
  11. ^^That's my height and my bag (XL Chocolate Muse). I adore her. She's my "big bag".
  12. having seen the Large Choco and tried it in Saks.. i came to realize Large and XL are just too large for my needs!! :sad:
    But.. in my opnion.. if i had been the person who'd carry so much stuff.. i wouldve got the Over sized without any hesitation!! Muse really really looks its best in Over Sized,, then in Large..:cool:
    i am so sad that i cant get it.. cause i just cant make use of such a large bag! :hrmm:
    yet i am still a very big fan of it!! and personally i see it in black or white.. (ivory is white?)
    i have seen choco.. but i dont why i liked black more!! while fall colors didnt really get my interest :noworry:

    Good luck dear what ever you choose :flowers:
  13. Avery - are considering a Muse purchase? Is there a store when you live where you can go "try one on"?
  14. I don't know, I guess I could order one from Holts but I haven't seen one IRL, however, I'm into the "big-ass bag" look so I think XL is what i'd go for in choco! For now though--like you--I am on a rampage for an early flat brass classique. Does anyone have TWO they can sell us?!?? :graucho: :P
  15. I have the oversized choco. I needed a bag for my 15" wide mac and this was the perfect bag for me. it fits my notebook, LV pochette accessories, agenda, sunglasses, MJ zip clutch and cellphone.

    IMO, i think the muse looks the best in the oversized. All the other sizes "tones" down the WOW factor of this bag. While i see some ladies carry the large and medium beautifully, my choice would still be the oversized.