Medium Downtown carried comfortably on shoulder?

  1. Does anyone know the drop length of the handles?

    I'm pondering getting one on sale in the violet and need to know if it makes for a very versatile yet comfy bag to carry around. I don't live in a climate where heavy coats are imperative so that really wouldn't be an issue.

    Is it also heavy?

    TIA..this would be my first YSL so thanks for helping me make my decision!! :flowers:
  2. Luckily, I just got back from NM and tried on some of the medium downtowns. I think they fit perfectly on the shoulders...definite enough room. You shouldn't have trouble at all. Sorry though, i don't have the actual drop length
  3. No worries and thx for responding so quickly!!!

    I'm petite so I was hoping the drop length wasn't an issue. Now YSL boutique advised me that sale bags are final sales.

    Am I making the right decision? Yikes!

    Also, they don't charge tax unless I have a YSL boutique in my state, correct? :confused1:
  4. hi, here's a pic of my medium downtown on the shoulders. i'm 5'2''. it kinda looks huge cos i still had the "stuffings" in. but i usually carry it this way and its quite comfy.
  5. As long as you're not wearing a bulky sweater or a heavy coat, the flat straps stay on the shoulder(putting the outer strap under the inner strap works well for me). Also being flat, the straps don't cut into your shoulder even though I tend to pack the inside with lots of things.
  6. Thx for the visual!

    I'm interested in the buffalo leather. Is it heavy or just like any other handbag? I'm used to quite heavy handbags so this might be a nice switch for me if it's light.
  7. Also,

    Is the violet a darker color is it really virbrant? I'm looking for a really dark purple.
  8. Hey...alouette...My med. violet dt came today...there is a pic under "What's you fav. dt color" on p. 3, post#32. I feel it truly captures the color of the bag. I'm very pleased. Will post pics later.

  9. looking it up nw..thx!!:p