Medium college/loulou medium

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  1. Very new to ysl so I’m curious if you have both which do you prefer? Just got the loulou medium black on black haven’t used yet because I keep second guessing with the way it sits crossbody so I keep looking at the medium college.
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    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
    I don't have either the medium Loulou or the medium College (I have the large College) but I just wanted to mention that the medium College has a fairly long non-adjustable chain/strap. If you are petite, this is something to consider as it might sit lower than you like if you wear it in the crossbody style. That said, I personally prefer the College bag since it has a top handle which I find more functional.
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  3. I would also like to add that size-wise, the Medium Loulou is more similar to the Large College, whereas if you prefer the size of the Medium College, you might want to consider the Small Loulou instead. Your mileage may vary but I really love my Large Colllege too, just like @Purses & Perfumes !!:smile:
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  4. The Medium LouLou looks best worn on the shoulder but it may feel a bit bulky worn crossbody. I do like that it has the option of being worn crossbody though.

    The Medium College is significantly smaller in capacity. The chain strap is also very long and not adjustable.

    The Large College is more similar to the the Medium LouLou.

    I really love the Medium LouLou in black on black, but the Small looks better crossbody.