Medium Carly or Large Carly for a petite gal?


Large or Medium Carly for a Petite Gal

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  1. For those who have looked at the Carly in depth or own one, which size do you feel is better and which one looks better? (Please mention your height as well and any reasoning why you feel one is better to help me decide) =) Thanks!! I'm about 5'1 so quite petite.

    I purchased the large and ordered the medium and I've been racking my brain trying to decide which one to keep (I only plan on keeping one). I want something I can use frequently and is easy to get in and out of. Is the large clumbersome to get in and out of? It is hard to tell without having owned one and carried it. I've only been trying on the bags since I plan on returning one so I dont have the "carrying" experience.

    It seems the large one is casual whereas the medium is small enough so it could be carried to a nice dinner. The handle drop on the large carly is a bit long for me so the bag hangs pretty low. The handle drop on the medium is perfect. Even with that said, I like both. The larger seems very chic but I worry it might look too big on my frame. I see some petite girls carrying big bags and it looks stylish but I also see other petite girls carrying the same big bag but they dont pull it off well for some reason I can't quite pinpoint and it just ends up looking like they shouldn't be carrying such a large bag. I dont want to be the latter. :sweatdrop: Thanks for any help or opinions anyone might have.
  2. Well, I am 5'10" and I got the medium. For ME the large looked big AND I just would get my stuff lost.. I know a lot of the girls love big bags and fill them with goodies, but I only carry a wallet, cellphone, lip gloss, gum, and that' about it. For me the medium slouched a day or two after I bought it, it fit great, it was comfortable and still had room to spare. I guess it is personaly preference.. maybe post pics of it on you, then we can help even more, and drool!! :tup:
  3. I had every intention of buying a Carly when I went outlet shopping last week. I tried on the large and it was just HUGE on me--I'm 5'8" and slim. I think my stuff would get lost. I tried on the medium and it was perfect--seemed like it would still hold a good amount of stuff.

    But then I found the turquoise Ergo tote and fell in love :drool:, so alas, no Carlys came home with me! LOL.

    Good luck choosing!
  4. i thought the large looked way too big on me, i am 5'3" 100lbs, and went with the medium. It is perfect!
  5. as an owner of 2 large Carlys, i don't think they are hard to get into, but i tend to carry many small leather goods (pochettes, cosmetic case, card case, sk3 case, etc), so it's easy for me to get to what i need quickly. i'm also a BIG pocket user, and rely heavily on the pockets to hold phone, sk3, lip gloss, etc., so i get to that without even looking.

    in your case it all depends on what your preference you like large bags, or smaller bags? i'd go to the boutique and try it on with your normal purse guts and see how it goes! the carly is huge, but if it isn't stuffed, it sags (that's not the word i'm trying to say but my mind is drawing a blank...) quite a bit and looks great that way. but it holds a lot, and i've even used it to carry textbooks/folders/etc for school.
  6. I am 5'1" and own a medium Carly. The large was way too big for me!
  7. I have two signature Carlys. I have them both in medium. I have the gold and khacki and the chocolate signature. I am about 5 feet 4 inches and weight about 128 lbs. The medium is plenty big enough for me. I carrry a wallet, cellphone, small makeup case with lippie, gloss and liner and maybe sometimes a small bottle of tylenol, gum, glasses case. It slouches nicely, is not heavy and has more than enough room for my things.
  8. I'm 5'10" too and am going to get a medium one. the large one looks to large for me! I saw a pic where someone had school notebooks in it.
  9. I am 5'3" 108 lbs and I have 2 medium Carlys. I love large bags and love the large Ergo, but the large Carly did not look right on me. It looked like I was a kid wearing dressup clothes - way too big and there were too many C's going on. The medium is plenty big for a petite person. If you really need a big bag, maybe a Carly for those occcasions where you don't need a huge bag and a different style for occassions where you do.
  10. Hello there Im 5' 7" and I have 3 carlys..denim ,black signature and brown on brown on the way... In my case the medium looked to small and the large looked way to big in the store. But I didn't realize the large slouches into something much smaller when you take out all the stuffing and just put your stuff into it..I really love it. Now my daughter carries the demi version and she loves it. Maybe you can look at what you usually carry. The one down side for me is now that I have carried a larger bag I really am not using alot of my smaller bags so I may pop them over to good will :O)
  11. OH that person above my post made a really good point in the large carly the big C's do look very bold and big in some of the bags. so when I chose the black signature and the brown on brown signature its not so bold. also the denim is not as bold either. :O)
  12. I'd suggest the medium for you.
    I also have 2 Carlys in med: black and gold sig.
    I stand 5'3" and weigh around 130 lbs.
    The large was fine as far as size and proportion, but I chose to go with the medium because I liked it better for some reason.
    Now my daughter is 5'3" and 105lbs.
    The large was much too big for her, so she went for the medium as well.
    I vote medium.:yes:
  13. I vote medium. I'm 5'5 and I have it in medium. It is perfect for what I need everyday. Although, I am getting a large carly to use as a carry-on bag. I just haven't decided what color.
  14. I voted for the medium. I think the large would look really big on you. The only time I would choose the large (on a petite person) would be if you were carrying school books in there. I'd say the medium would be large enough for your frame. Oh and blackbutterfly, I think the word you were looking for was slouch. LOL. :roflmfao:
  15. I vote for medium - it's not just a size issue but a weight one too. I bought a large Carly and it's so heavy it makes my neck hurt - I'm selling my big one and replacing it with the medium size.