Medium cannage?

  1. Trying to decide about the medium Cannage bag on eluxury. Can anyone give me their feedback on the bag, or have pictures of them carrying it to get an idea of actual shape and size? Sorry if I am asking in the wrong spot, I'm a bit of a newbie, don't post much here, but I am in a Dior dilemma!:love:
  2. Hi Rednailpolish!

    I was trying to find the thread where a member posted pictures of herself with her tan-colored calfskin large Cannage drawstring bag but I couldn't find it (can anyone help me with that please? :biggrin:)

    As for the medium size, I ended up selling mine only because the slouchiness of the bag wasn't exactly my style, but everyone else who owns it are in love with it and are finding it very versatile and practical. If you like slouchy bags, then the Cannage is your match made in heaven!!!

    I hope this helps!!! Also check out the Celebrities and their Dior's thread for one of the Olsen twins sporting the medium cannage drawstring bag in black.
  3. Thanks MayDay and Zerodross! I should have been more specific, the Cannage I am considering is the medium hobo, here:

    I can't decide if it is too structured or not, but I suppose that is really what I need--something non-slouchy for every day use. I've just never carried a Dior before (I'm usually more of a Balenciaga/Chanel fan).

    Let me know what you think;)
  4. I like this hobo :biggrin:

    It's more structured than the other Cannage bags because of its shape and design...but this doesn't mean that the lambskin leather won't feel super soft and plush :drool:

    I think the Cannage line is an amazing line for people to try out Dior. Hopefully this bag will begin your journey to becoming a Dior addict!!!!
  5. ^ ah, i've never seen the cannage hobo IRL, but i did see the cannage messenger bag and it was pretty structured (although not as structured as say the lady dior bag) but at the same time, soft too (since it's lambskin). i think it's fantastic - something that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. plus it looks like a good size. :yes:

    btw, fyi, there's a similar looking bag to the cannage hobo which is the lady dior hobo. it's on elux too. ;)
  6. MayDay and Zerodross, thank you again! I think the cannage is indeed what I am searching for!! I will make my decision today... thank you again! :flowers: