Medium Cambon Tote Bag

  1. I've been eyeing this bag for quite some time now, I do know it IS a past collection (S/S 2005 I believe) but I just love the bag in Black with White CCs - not like the foto below. Do those of you who own it still use it? Is it a practical day bag? I need something practical - fit alot of stuff - but also classy and not too showy, aside from the CCs. I just bought a F/W 06 Gucci Choco Guccisima wallet w/ the bowtie! It's heavenly and now I'm eyeing on a Cambon tote to house it day-to-day. Thanks for your feedback! :yes:
  2. I have the medium tote in beige with black CC's and I still love it! I think it's very casual chic ... looks great with jeans and when you're dressed up. It holds quite a bit ... large wallet, cellphone, keys and small makeup case and probably more. HTH
  3. I love the Medium tote...I don't have that bag, but have tried it on. I am not sure where you are from, but here in NY the winters are SO cold! I usually end up with layers including a sweater and a heavy coat. only concern with the medium tote was that it wouldn't fit over a coat. Other than that, I think it is a great bag.....and like that it has a top zipper. The smallest one is all open....which makes me nervous! LOL I would get it! :o)
  4. I have the bag and I love it!

    The only thing is that it is really not a shoulder bag unless your super-skinny!

  5. I have the large tote and I still use it . Something that cost that much I will use for awhile no matter what ( usually ) ! Extremely durable .
  6. I have the exact bag you want. I use it at least three times a week. It's a perfect size for me. I fit everything I need plus, have room left over. I also like the zipper top. There's still an opening on the side you can reach in and out so you're not constantly unzipping. I wear it comfortably on my shoulder. However, I'm pretty petite at 5'0. :wtf: I wear it with jeans or when I want to dress up a little on the weekends. Here's a picture of mine..

  7. You should buy it! :yes: I have the med blk/blk one and I love it! So far, I only used it twice but I cant wait to use it more. Whats keeping me from using it? I have my other everyday bags that I use so I only use it for dress up. :smile: It does fit everything I need: wallet, phone, sunglasses, makeup bag, and keys.
  8. Thanks girls! I am still lusting for this bag. I have a petite frame as well (5'0, 97 lbs) I tried it at the boutique and it looks great, it doesn't look like luggage and classically matches with most of my wardrobe. I live in Houston, TX so humidity is the only issue - no snow here!
    The black on black I saw at the boutique is patent CCs on black! Unlike yours it looks leather!
  9. i have the large black cambon tote with patent cc's and i LOVE it...
  10. I have the pink one, like the ad! Since the day I bought it, I used it once!:shame: But seeing this picture, makes me want to take it out again!!!:yes: Here is the medium tote on a 5'8" me:
  11. I decided to wait the Chanel purchase. I went to the Chanel Saks store and tried on a Medium Classic Flap in Black Caviar, I LOOOVE it!! Such a BEAUTIFUL bag! I'm gonna save for the classic flap, hopefully for Xmas!! I'm new to Chanel, so now I know that the classic flap is a must have for any closet! :shame: The classic flap, though a different function, just glows compared to the Cambon medium tote when I saw it side-by-side.
  12. Absolutanne,
    The exact same thing happened to me! :lol: I posted a thread asking about a Cambon because I wanted to buy one, but then I saw pictures of the classic flap, tried it on in person, and read that it's timeless etc. and I decided that I wanted it in black caviar with silver hardware instead of a Cambon (though I might wait til I'm a bit older for it)! Good luck with yours ;)
  13. I do love the the totes, I have the medium pink and the large black/white and love them! I used the black one today for carrying around my notebooks and textbook at school today. I love how it isn't heavy to begin with so you aren't weighed down once you do put things in it.
  14. Haha, that was the same exact bag (that i tried on) that made me fall for the classic flap line! Blk caviar with silver hardware. It's no surprise, it's a magnificent bag! :heart:
  15. Seriously ! My Jumbo blk/wht Caviar is my new favorite thing in the world ! :love:

    I'd wrestler a mugger for her in a :heart: beat !
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