Medium brown bag

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  1. Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a versatile, casual, but chic everyday brown bag. I want a medium brown-cognac, whiskey, luggage brown, camel in great leather that will wear well. I have an idea in my head, but cant find the bag!
  2. Can you tell us more about the idea you have? Shape size, structured or slouchy? ...

    Without knowing more, I might suggest Roots bags. They are very reasonably priced, made of excellent leather and are very much everyday bags.
  3. ^^ Agree on the roots bag, very durable.
  4. Cute, and my dalmatian is named Penelope! I havent ever seen the Rachel Nasvik bags in real life.

    I guess I have the color and the leather more in mind than the shape-the color and leather I want are similar to the Chloe Edith if you remember it. It came in two beautiful browns. My price range is under $1000 at the highest, preferably under $700.
    These are two I have found that I sort of like- I am just hoping for a few more ideas.
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  6. Have you checked out the Ignes thread here? I also wanted a chocolate brown bag and I am having one handmade by Ignes. They also have a color called "whiskey" which is beautiful and numerous browns.

    Does it have to be solid? An LV Damier is nice also.

    Good luck..
  7. Ohhh I like this, a lot!! :tup:

    I've tried browsing Etsy but it's so huge, I have a hard time finding a way to narrow my search down.

  8. I have a hard time searching through etsy too. I love that bag though! Might try searching again tonight! Good luck finding the perfect bag, Cakegirl!
  9. Tano Boogie Bucket in Truffle, although some people may consider this bag large? It holds a LOT

  10. I love brown bags, and even though I always wear black and grey clothes, most bags I own are brown. If you're looking for a perfect rich, saddle colour brown bag, go for MbyMJ's dr Q Groovee in saddle - lush leather, fantastic warm brown colour and a great price too!