medium black luxury bowler

  1. hi all, i was wondering if anybody has seen a medium black luxury bowler anywhere, i was told it was all sold out in canada and chanel isn't making anymore:crybaby: ....thanks so much
  2. good luck~
  3. hey! One of the ladies on tPF (pursemaven) recommended her SA for me! he tracked a metallic bowler for me! I have yet to post pics though because I am not so sure if I want to keep it now. Here's his info!

    Joseph (Saks in NYC)
    917-776-9353 (<-- cell phone number)

    if he does not pick up, just leave him a voice mail!

    Good luck!
  4. EVY - why don't you want to keep it?? After all that searching for it!!
  5. ya i know! it's kind of supposed to be a present to me from my bf, but now I really want the pink heart chain flap (which is IMPOSSIBLE to come by :crybaby:, but one can hope) and so i'm trying to decide if i want to wait it out for the pink flap or not! how's your bowler?
  6. My bowler is still in Saks NY!!! I've paid for it, but have to wait one more month until my trip to NY to pick it up! I didn't want to get charged too much for tax in my country, and don't really trust it being sent here. so i'm kinda missing my bowler at the moment :crybaby: :crybaby: and yes, I eventually went through Joseph as well! (he is so sweet btw) Just recently spoke to him, and the bag is sitting patiently in his supervisor's office waiting for me to arrive LOL :yahoo: :yahoo: