Medical typo error-can you believe this?

  1. My best friend second MOm has breast cancer, it has been a hard 3 year struggle with her getting a double mast. last year and finishing all treatments now and she is doing GREAT:nuts: ,,,
    So as usual I get all test results sent to me and then I fax them to her when she has access to a private fax at work. I get her PET can results the other day and it says for impression : Blah blah WITH Metastatic disease Imeaning her cancer has spread and it is bad)..." I just about die and think this can't be right. I don't want to send her this so I call the radiology dept. and talk to the lady who works with my friend and tell her I really feel they might have made a mistake in this that I feel it should say NO metastatic cancer. The lady says she will check dictation and see if it was done right. So 2 days later I get another fax with a small type-that says corrected_no Metastic cancer is there. NO apology or anything. Makes me so mad, my friend almost flipped out.
    Just makes you second guess everything.
  2. The same thing happened to my mother right before Tgiving of all times! She's had Ca 3x already and it really took a toll on us. Then they dx'd her w/ lung Ca and we were all in shock since she has never picked up a cig in her life! Long story short, she had valley fever which is a very serious illness in AZ. I feel your pain and it's not something that one should go through, not even my worst enemy.
  3. I read this article in TIME about how hospitals make TONS of mistakes. Scary thought! :sad:
  4. My Mom is being treated for breast cancer right now (early stages thank goodness) and I could write ten threads on the medical ineptitude that I've seen.
  5. yea hospitals and doctors make a lot of mistakes. I just had a biopsy on the cut a nerve now I have no feeling on a certain area on my neck and My boyfried believes they left something from my neck (plastic tag).....half of it is hanging out of my neck...i
  6. My friend is waiting to see if her oncologist questions the report or if the oncologist will even get the amended report saying she does not have metastatic cancer. Her journey has been hell, one mistake after another. I mean she also had 2 mammograms and was sent a letter from the mammogram place saying she was fine and they will see her in 12 months when she was being treated for cancer and the cancer was in the mammogram film. Makes me think of the women who have cancer and their film shows it and then never know. UGH.
  7. that type of incompetence is unbelievable and unconscionable.......these people should know the impact that one little typo like the word no could have on somebody's life and take the two seconds it takes to read over what they wrote to avoid this type of error.....seriously the people that get these results aren't going through enough, without having to experience the emotional/mental trauma of a medical error
  8. That's really sad, thank goodness it was a mistake.
  9. In 04 I had major adominal surgery. I got home the next day with 35 staples and for the next 4 days I was in agony. My belly looked like I was nine months pregnant and I couldn't eat or drink anything. I called the surgeons office telling them something was very wrong with me...twice in one day. Finally the office nurce practitioner calls me and tells me to go to my primary care Dr if I thought there was something wrong. This was just a few days out of surgery. I couldn't believe she was blowing me off and told her so. Joe ends up taking me to the emergency room where after they shoved a tube down my nose and said I had an intestineal blockage. Well, now I'm in the hosp for the next 3 wks, wasting away while the original surgeon and a surgeon he called in on consult argued about whether or not to open me up again to fix the blockage. Well, they finally did open me up but not before I had malnutrition, was 85 lbs and all my veins collapsed. To ad insult to injury, when I got out I got a $4000 bill from Dr over my insurance that they put into collections within a month of sending. A quick phone call with a threat promptly put a stop to all bills from said Dr.
    It seem the more technical we have gotten, the worse the mistakes are being made