Med B-Bag and Honey Spy available at NM

  1. Hi! NM in Troy, MI just got the medium all brown (the new brown) Fendi B-Bag in. And, if any of your are still looking, there is also a Honey Spy available.

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442. Happy shopping!:biggrin:
  2. oooh........Do NOT tell me that....................LOve that Bbag!sniff...must resist the urge to call......argh......
  3. Jillybean! I hope you get a little comission from Lisa. You are so sweet for doing this for her!!
  4. Cool! Thanks for posting
  5. I only wish! She is a total sweetheart so I don't mind. Besides, if it means that one of my PF pals can benefit (and not have to buy from ebay and above retail), then so be it. I told her to call me whenever they get any hard to find or hot bags so we can get first dibs. So I am happy to give my reports when I get the inside scoop!
  6. I went to NM yesterday, and they had two B-Bags on the floor: that new brown and a tomato red. The red was particularly stunning!
  7. Thanks Jag for reporting back. =) I B-Bag in tan/black combo.
  8. No problem- the Honey Spy is still there (and I think both b-bags are as well). Awfully tempting, but not for me. Someone has to get it though! IT's so beautiful!
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