Measurements of Cerf Tote, Cant find them in Ref. Library

  1. Measurements of the Cerf Tote, I cant seem to find them...Is it larger then the GST in size or the same?
  2. I have both the cerf and the GST - they are approximately the same size- I will measure them for you when I get home tonight.
  3. I just took quick measurements at work using a ruler and the cerf is approximately:

    L 14.5" X H 9" X W (at base) 5"

    The measurements are approximate as the cerf is a bit smooshy and not completely rigid.
  4. My cerf (new so not smooshy) is 14w x 10h
    GST is 13w x 9 1/2h

    Same size really - so should not even factor in on a decision between the 2. Just whichever one you like the looks of better.