Me and Vlad's FAV burger joint {Pic}

  1. As summer comes to a close, so does the grilling season. It is unfortunate, because Vlad and I would probably grill everyday if we could. He LOVES it and I think it is a great time too :tup:

    On Lake Eerie, a little town called Geneva-on-the-Lake can be found, which still looks as if it is in the 50's. There is a burger joint there that has not changed since it opened, my grandma and mom tell me that it literally has not changed. Eddie himself, and who we love to call Mrs. Eddie (she takes the orders) still work there the entire season it opens.

    Because tomorrow is the last day Eddie's Grill will be open, Vlad and I are traveling 3 hours there and 3 hours back just to get our favorite burgers!!! I know, a little crazy, but SO worth it!

    Just wanted to share a pic of the tasty (yet high fat and cholesterol and everything else bad) treat! :supacool:

  2. And those Lemonade's are pretty much 98% sugar, 1 percent lemon, 1 percent ice, but they are delicious too!!!
  3. those lemonades look great...i am so thirsty now!
  4. Oh snap. I am hungry now. Those look GOOOOOOOOOODD!!!
  5. Wow, that's some serious burgers and lemonade - great pics and hope you guys had a blast!
  6. The burgers look terrific. I can totally relate to travelling that far for a burger. Many years ago, my DH and I used to travel 4 hours one way to eat at a place called Dayton's in Ocean City, Maryland. Great memories.

    I'm glad you're having a great time. You guys deserve it!
  7. WOW....that looks amazing....:drool:
  8. Looks yummy!
  9. ok-that has seriously made me crave a burger. It looks delicious. Savour that burger tomorrow!
  10. We will take more pics tomorrow!! The place has table juke boxes, with oldies. It is seriously like time warp, but amazing! There are arcades up and down the street and it is right on Lake Eerie. Vlad is SO excited! :amuse:
  11. i've been there before! it was only about an hour drive from where we lived.
  12. ^ Did you love it??? Because we surely do!! I knew you were from Ohio, just didn't realize that close!
  13. Oh God those burgers look divine! Enjoy!
  14. YES. gotta love that artery clogging goodness! and the lemonade...oh yes. it's like, may i please have a some lemon with my glass of sugar? lol.

    god, i miss ohio!
  15. Then come on back!

    Vlad and I keep laughing that we are planning an entire day around these burgers and lemonade.