Me and my Ex

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  1. are we not supposed to keep in contact because it will just allow the situation to linger on?

    regardless of whatever happened in the relationship..are pairs not supposed to keep in contact after a break up? :shrugs:
  2. in my experience, stay away. your friendship can endure eventually - just give yourselves time to heal from each other. I have stayed friends only with exes after we both had new relationships or time passed. it is possible but takes time. if you don't let each other go first, confusion steps in and messes everything up.
  3. ^^^^ AGREE!!!! It's too hard to think clearly and too many emotions pop up if you try to keep contact too soon.
  4. I totally agree with you! You are correct! It is better to stay away, and then be friends later on.
  5. what if both of us don't wanna let go but are both afraid to try again?
  6. then you need Dr. Phil.

    but seriously, it sounds like you are both definitely not ready to be "just friends" yet. your relationship needs to play out to its end, whatever thats going to be. you both need to sit down and talk and decide whether you are really going to make a go of it or not.
  7. I agree with everyone here. Do sit down and talk about where both of you see the relationship (be it romantic or strictly friendship) is going. If after that you both are still "afraid to try again" then give yourselves some time apart to move on and grow a little. After a few months of just doing your own thing, a friendship can surive and not be ruined by too many emotions and drama
  8. I totally agree with everyone. You can't be friends after you've been in a relationship until you both had some "space" :yes:
  9. Totally agree. It'd be too difficult to move on otherwise if I were to see him all the time after we broke up :s
  10. I don't think that should be the case in all ended relationships. I still keep contact with most of my exboyfriends, even though we didn't end on the best of terms.

    I think it really depends on the two of you. I would let the situation settle a little bit, and then try to make contact through email or Instant Message a few months down the road and see how he reacts.
  11. i thought u should stay away for a while just to cool your feelings for eachother down, then maybe u can be friends
  12. i made the mistake of still talking to my ex after we broke up & it was a disaster. not a good idea... one of my other ex's i stopped talking to for about 3 months and now we are friends and it's perfectly ok between us! my advice is to stay away unless u think u can work things out again.
  13. oh no, i never stay friends with my exes, it puts me in a position where I can be used and hurt further.
  14. Exes are exes because of a reason.
  15. Exactly. The friends thing rarely ends up well.