MC white trouville or manhattan pm???

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MC white trouville or manhattan pm

  1. MC white trouville

  2. manhattan pm

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  1. some of you may remember that i was totally obsessing over MC speedy but more i try it on it becomes clearer to me that the bag just is not for me. :crybaby:

    so i've narrowed down my next purchase to a MC trouville or a manhattan pm. which one do you like better?
  2. Oh boy, that's tough bc I :heart: :heart: them both! I would like both at some point in time myself.
    I would imagine in CA you can use the white MC all year long too, right?
    I'm not much help , but I would love either, so I would think you'd be happy with both too.
    Maybe get the Manhattan now and the White MC in the spring or for the next bag purchase......
    Good Luck and be sure to show us pics!:yes:
  3. That's tough..I love them both..

    I love my white MC trouville...and have manhattan PM on my wish list..
    It depends on how many MC line and mono line you have..handheld and shoulder bag...and you go from there..

    MC Trouville: handheld..

    Manhattan PM: handheld and shoulder..
  4. They are both so cute. If I were you, I would base my decision of what I already have. If I already have a mono then I would go with the MC and vice versa. If you have both then..I don't know. It's a tough decision.
  5. Tough :shrugs: Hhmmm... I love mc trouville, but i will say manhattan pm. I think it is modern classic.
  6. I would go with the manhattan, I think it's more versatile.
  7. Trouville. I prefer the Gm over the pm Manhattan
  8. I personally LOVE the MC Trouville... on my wish list...
  9. I love both bags, but I'd choose the Trouville over the Manhattan just because I have nothing in white MC and I think it stands out so much! I love bagsnbags' Trouville. :love:
  10. LOVE both should choose based on what you already have in your collection...
  11. Tough one, but I'm going to vote for Manhattan PM, just because I have one and I love mine to pieces!:love: It's very chic and elegant and it's an absolute beauty!:flowers:
  12. Ugh this is a hard one as I want both...but I think I want the Manhattan more because it's so elegant.

    gotta be the Manhattan....but you HAVE to get the trouville eventually :smile:
  13. it really is a tough choice isn't it? i'll eventually want to get both but just wanted to hear your opinions as to which one i should get first! :graucho:

  14. Trouville !
  15. If you could only get one, get Manhattan PM. You will get more use of it. But MC trouville is such a fun bag, so I am getting both.... hehehe....