MC Wapity or Pochette? Which One?

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  1. HI... I hate to keep bothering all of you but I am having a tough time deciding between the White MC pochette or the Wapity. Which one would you get if you could only get one right now? Thanks
  2. If I were choosing, I think I'd get the pochette because it's bigger.
  3. MC wapity!!! it's so cute

    I don't like pochettes, besides everyone has them...
  4. the wapity. it is so cute. i love the one i have and i know you will too.
  5. The wapityy is such a cutie, but the pochette has more possibilites IMO and you can wear it on your shoulder. It is wayyy to expensive IMO, I would get a used one, its up to $600 now I think
  6. hmm........i have both the mc white pochette and the mc white wapity......

    i use the wapity more, and the pochette is gorgeous, but i have gotten so used to a big bag, so i need more space)

    i usually use the pochette for out to dinner occasions
  7. [​IMG]

    hard to pick, ehh? lol
  8. White MC won't be able to fit much on the wapity...
  9. white MC pochette
  10. HEY... NO FAIR, you have both. Lucky girl!!! Which do you like best for running out for little events? Love your MC items... GORGEOUS!!!
  11. I have both a pochette and wapity and although i love my white mc wapity to bits... i would say you could use the pochette for things like going out for errands or a night out.... wapity is good for a night out but it doesnt hold nearly as much and it isnt esactly as dinner appropirate as the pochette .... i say pochette first and wapity later. (or maybe a damier/azur/ mono pochette AND the wapity)
  12. WAPITY! It's sooooooooooooooo cute!
  13. pochette
  14. I'd get the WAPITY. :tup:
  15. Both are too cute...but my vote goes to the pochette. It holds more and you can use it as a purse, wristlet, or makeup holder.