MC Trouville and Priscilla owners!!!

  1. Im thinking to get a MC black Trouville this week but someone said the handle is not really comfortable and heavy...
    Is this true???:confused1::confused1:
    Is trouville heavier than speedy?? When i carry a speedy for few hours, I sometimes feel like having a headache due to heavy weight..SO I want to buy a bag that comfortable to use and easy to crook into my arm..
    And Im also thinking abt Priscilla...Is Priscilla better than trouville??
    Which one should i get????:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::wtf::wtf:
  2. I always thought the trouville hurt my arm/wrist more than my speedy. It is a tighter fit.
  3. i have no trouble carrying my Trouville on my arm. it's really not that heavy
  4. I think the Trouville is a little bit heavier than the speedy but I also have no trouble slipping it onto the crook of my arm.
  5. the handles on the trouville are a bit narrower than the speedy. i prefer to carry my trouville by hand than on my arm.
  6. Trouville may be a teeny bit heavier than the speedy but it's more that the handles are a little smaller on the trouville. I have each in mono...

    maybe the MCs in each are heavier b/c of more hardware than on the mono - ??
  7. I have priscilla I don't think it's heavy but it is a little hard to get in to the opening doesn't open that wide
  8. I have the trouville and love it, not heavy at all.
  9. I agree, but the styling of the Priscilla is so sassy and sexy!
  10. mc trouville is lighter then an mc speedy but the handle are shorter.

    I like the priscilla in white but thats just me. I think the style is also nicer then the trouville.
  11. The trouville is no where near the weight of a speedy. It is much lighter. The handles are smaller, so it is a different feel on the wrist.

    I want a priscilla soooo bad... but I love the trouville too!