MC Speedy?

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  1. Quick Question:

    Can someone please tell me when the MC Speedy was first released? My BF's sister asked me today but I wasn't exactly sure when it was.

  2. I *think* Spring Summer 2003...
  3. Yeah that's right because that's when I got mine! :heart:
  4. Thanks, I thought it was 04!
  5. 04 was when they were more widely available, before that it was one of those "wait list only" or "celeb only" things. I'm thinking when they introduced it in 2003, they figured they would just make it an LE line but it was so popular that they decided to continue with it.
  6. My date code is 03 :smile:
  7. can anyone tell me where i can find the date code on this bag? thanks
  8. It come out in spring 2003.
  9. it's on the inside patch pocket edge. you should be able to find it if you take it somewhere with good lighting.
  10. ^^Yeah it's actually stamped onto the alcantra lining. :yes: